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Alpinestar gear

Guest rick

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Hey guys

I recently bought some Alpinestar boots, amazing quality, great fit and I feel well protected. The only thing left in my "proper gear" list is a decent set of gloves :)

Well today I (don't ask me why!) touched my exhaust pipes and burnt a hole through the Goretex on my HG gloves... d'oh! Anyway went to HG and tried on a pair of Alpinestars 365 Goretex... felt amazing, good protection and a double velcro cuff that came quite a way up the arm felt really comfortable.

I checked the price... £140! I'm seriously tempted to get a set but its a lot of money!

Anyone have them? How are they long term?


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Yeah I agree... but I don't mind paying it if they're more durable and safer than the ones I currently use.

Going to have a think about it tonight and may buy them in the morning...if they last two years thats £5 per month which is a good way to convince yourself its not that bad!

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very good product mate, I may be a little biased as I used to work there. But that also means that I know the levels of detail that they put into their products. The Gore-tex products are waterproof and windproof and breathable. It's all to do with the structure of the membrane. it's too small to let water through but large enough to let heat vapor particles out so your hands won't get too sweaty either. :D

I haven't tried this particular glove on the road but one of my mates let me borrow his when we went snowboarding and my hands weren't cold well not till I took one off then I was frozen. So should be good for the UK I think it came in at number 2 in MCN's list of top 10 best gloves last week too, so don't just take my word for it.

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Well went to try on some more gloves at lunch and ended up buying a pair of Dainese Hell Racer... no Goretex so its quite a bit cheaper than the Alpinestars 365, but they fit so much better :) Roll on the summer :)

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