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So.............What Dya Fink?

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After the "To buy or not to buy" thread I decided to buy a new lid today

http://s715.photobucket.com/albums/ww15 ... New%20Lid/

Its a Fibreglass Marushin TNT with a Shivan Dragon on it

Got it for £100 knocked down from £130 :D

Been out most of the day putting it through its paces :wink:

Its a bit lighter than my damaged FM which was thermolastic

Much more of a snug fit, but it keeps folding my ears over when I put it on but after a little jostling and juggling about they magically ping back into place :lol: :lol:

Very comfy and I had taken on board Korbens guide to buying :D

Cheers Korbs some stuff in there I didnt check out when I bought the FM :thumb:

Not sure about the ear plugs although I was advised by my audiologist today to use em.

Does any one else use em?

Whats the best ones?

Do they shut out all the noise?

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Looks good mate.

I wear a thin cotton balaclava under my lid due to big ears which rub on my lid... Could solve the folding over problem if it starts to give you grief...

I use simple foam disposable plugs. When put in CORRECTLY they block out a lot of noise, but not all. They block out the wind noise which is what does the most damage to your ears.

Glad the Helmet Guide helped out mate!! :D

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Got it from J&S Andy

Seemed like there where coppers everywhere that day, which is unusual

Saw one Biker pulled over

I was followed by the Blue Octavia VRS to Waterlooville but looking back I think he may have been going to the station

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Foam plugs work well, but replace them regularly to avoid infection. Make a huge difference. They cut out the damaging noise (windrush) frequencies, but you can still hear important stuff, like traffic, iPod(lol) etc.

I use moulded ones now, expensive but even more effective.

All plugs take some getting used to initially, so give it a few trips to get used to them.

The foam ones are cheaper by the bagful too! (try internet or smoewhere like Hein Gericke or similar).

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i have billy mitchell ears too, so find the moulded ones with the string work best, the foam ones get knocked when i'm pushing my elflike ears back..

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Thanks guys

Will give them a go

Think Ill try the foam ones as my hearing isn't so good and if the plugs are too good I wont hear a thing. Any noise reduction has to be good from the point of view of saving what hearing I have left.

Have always been reluctant to use any as I was concerned about safety and not knowing where the traffic is if I couldn't hear it.

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Use them plugs m8!! Take it from someone who is also now partially deaf (from NOT wearing plugs)....

There are lots of different types, you may find it takes a while to find some that suit you best. After years I finally found some which work well for me, and as an added bonus I can buy them in bulk and they work out at 14p a pair!!!

I use foam disposables currently, I have tried the diy moulded ones, personally speaking, not good enough for me.

If you find that pulling your lid on disturbs them, try a balaclava or buff, making sure your ears are covered first. This helps me loads.

You will also find that earplugs reduce fatigue, another bonus!

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