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Going to Pompey/surrounding areas

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Hi know its a bit last minute but I'm heading down to Portsmouth this morning as the weather looks ok. I'll be leaving central london (st pauls) at 10.30 heading down through knightsbridge towards the m3 coming off at Jn4 then down the a331 then down the a32 to fareham then down to portsmouth along the m27 and m275.

If anyone is interested in joining me my number is in the contacts section.

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I will be over at Bury Hill for some cheesy chips around 1pm if you know how to get there.

More notice and I would have gone over to Portsdown Hill. Go up there if you are over Portsmouth way for a bite to eat, take in the amazing view and meet other bikers.

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Damn Wanners

I was out cleaning the bike so shes all sparkly today and doing various bits around the place

Logged in a little while ago and stumbled across this :roll:

Too late to go out now as the beers flowing :lol:

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About once a week.

Went up yesterday it was packed. Loads of 09 bikes about. One bloke had turned up on an brand new Ducati 1198S. He had just picked it up from P&H in Crawley and ridden straight there, it looked amazing!

Will be going to Portsdown Hill next Tuesday with the lads from work if you are about. We will be heading into Ducati at Chicester as I am looking for a new one now then heading off to the hill for a burger. If you are about let us know.

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Well, that was a good ride yesterday! Ended up going down the route stated plus down the M27 and M275 into Portsmouth down to Eastney around the seafront to Gunwharf and back out of the city to Fareham, Stubbington, Hill Head, down some country lane with a field full of different coloured daffodils to the A27. Got back on the M27 at Jn7 then up the M3, M25, stop at Heathrow to watch the planes - geek!!! - back to the M25, M40 into London and back to Harrow. All in all about 200 miles.

Met a few nice people at Loomies Cafe on the A32 (located at junction between A32 and A272) and a couple of bikers at the Winchester services on the M3. Didn't stop at Portsdown Hill, came out of Portsmouth on the M275, missed the exit for Paulsgrove to get back to Portsdown hill and couldn't be faffed to turn around!

Got a feeling I'll be doing that one again at somepoint soon (weekend day probably a Sunday) so will post up a bit earlier next time!

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A bit more notice next time would be good, could have joined you along the way somewhere.

Looks like a good ride you did there, weather was alright all day. (I would have stopped at Heathrow for a bit to watch them too!!!) :D

If you decide on another jolly have a look at coming down to Brighton. Couple of ways to get down here if you want too avoid the M23/A23 and some good rides around the local area too.

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Yeah I'll probably go in the opposite direction next time Paul so I'll let you know.

Loomies wasn't bad. There were probably close to 50 bikes there. Friendly people and nice atmosphere. Didn't have any food but smelt and looked pretty good! I was reading on their website they have a meet every Wednesday evening.

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The food at Loomies is damn fine. I can highly recommend the chilli con carne.

Also, another excellent place to go is the George pub on the junction of London Rd northbound and Portsdown Hill Rd eastbound. They do a thing called a "chilli bad" - it is plate the size of two normal plates, with a full portion of chips, then a full portion of chilli con carne on top of that, then loads of cheese on top of that - all for a fiver!

You will need to be taken out to your bike in a wheelchair after having one of those ... they are f*cking amazing ...

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