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11th April Rideout

<t>Joining the run to Largs</t>  

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  1. 1. Joining the run to Largs

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Hi all,

Just a poll and a new thread for a rideout on the 11th April. Vote if you're planning on coming along. Obviously weather permitting and all 8-)

Think it was mentioned earlier about a run to Largs so unless anyone has an overwhelming desire to avoid it, Largs looks like the place to go :twisted:

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ill show up for a wee chat or that, thats if i pass my test on the thur. dont think ill be following the rideout though prob wont be confident enough for that

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I live quite close to Largs and would have came along to meet you guys.

However, I am working a 12hr early shift next Sat so won't be able to make it. :damn: Nevermind, next time hopefully.

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I got my dates wrong, and the 11th is my namesake nephews birthday (not the 12th as I thought), so wont be available for this.


Also incurred the wrath of my sister for getting the date wrong :roll:

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allan don't worry about keeping up or not being confident. It's not a race mate and we don't leave people behind. Ratser that's too bad buddy. I'm waiting to confirm if my shift is being covered on Saturday. My mate has already said he would cover but need to wait for the big boss to OK it on paper. Shouldn't be any issues though. Looks like it might only be a few of us then. Here's hoping the weather holds out for us 8-)

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Sorry to hear about your crash gnr mate. I just read the post now. bast*rd car drivers buddy. Hopefully you'll be back on your feet soon and on with life. Keep us posted on the outcome of the case as well. Maybe the guy/gal will end up in prison. Maybe they'll end up in my prison. Maybe..... just maybe :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :whip:

No problems gents. Looks like I can't get my shift covered on Saturday anyway so I'm having to pull out as well. We'll postpone it till later in the summer then (new tyres will be on :twisted: ) plus the weather will be better.

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