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Got some second hand Akito Leathers

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Hi all,

just thought i'd show you my latest purchase,

got these Akito leathers off ebay for £41 - pretty chuffed..

They are pretty tight (trying to loose weight anyway) but just wondered if that is normal / best fit.

Once zipped together they dont look too bad - what do you think?

Not been on bike on them yet coz i'm stuck at work but they dont seem to restrict my movement that much.

they've got a back insert in them, knee and thigh protectors in the trouser.

for some reason theres no elbow or shoulder inserts(although there are slots for them and i have some others that may fit)

I'm going to email the seller to see if he has them..

let me know what you think :grin:


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Can you bend in them? Can you sit in them? They need to be a close fit. You will get a better idea by sticking them on and jumping on the bike. They look good :thumb:

Although I will need to see the rear view to comment fully hehe :angel12:

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what you doing with your hands ? :?

is it heads shoulders knees and toes knees and toes ? :lol: :lol:

leather look ok like vik says get out on the bike and see how they feel :)

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Guest Mr Miller

You're lucky they didn't take the photo before you zipped 'em up - otherwise this would have been moved to the adult section!

Ding dong!

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lol bell end always makes me giggle.... :booty:


not one i'd admit to like your boyfriend might not like that you laugh at his lol


lol @ boyfriend... thats funnier than bell end :booty:

Im single 8-)

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got out on the bike earlier, although they are quite tight it felt great being out in them, much more reashuring than my textiles,

I managed to fit the pads from my textiles into the inserts on the jacket and i've heard from the seller who has found the missing pads and going to send them through!

ideal :D

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