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Bad Breaker ?


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I would just like to warn Forum Members of an experience I had last week.

I rang a breaker on Saturday and asked about condition of a disc he was selling on ebay, he told me it was good with average mileage. I put in a best offer bid on the disc on Sunday, the bid was accepted and money paid on Monday, All seems well so far. I dont expect that the disc will be posted out straight away so I give them till Friday (want the bike useable for Sunday) I rang them and they said that when they went to get it it wasn't there, it must have been stolen :roll: , didn't you get the e-mail.

Well I recieved no e-mail also it wasn't until I rang that they refunded the money, makes me wonder if they actually intended to return it at all.

The breaker I would not recommend is:-



Unit 14, tollgate road, Burscough industrial estate, Burscough

Burscough, Lancashire

L40 8tg

United Kingdom

They have an ebay shop, so buyer beware.

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Bloody sodding rubbish Ebay!

Ebay's great when it all goes well but I've lost well over a £200 through having no support when things go wrong like with the seller you've described. It makes me maaaad :damn: !!

Best thing I've found is to make sure the seller accepts PayPal and then if it goes wrong claim on it. That said PayPal is owned by Ebay and I've even had problems with them before and it's taken months to get anywhere.

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I think I got away light as I did get my money refunded. My issue is with the breaker. My bike has now been off the road for a week and Will now be off for another week I have just ordered a Disc at a cost of £127 which I could have done last week and been riding the bike by now, It will also now cost me an additional £27 in highway robbery (tolls for Severn bridge).

:evil: :evil:

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Its not necessarily they're fault that it was stolen, although granted they should have contacted you (although they said they did).

If its an isolated incident, you're being harsh... but if its a regular thing with this seller then fair play!

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I've had poor dealings with Blacks on Ebay too. I purchased a shock linkage based on the photo but when it arrived it was from a different model. I phoned them to explain the discrepancy and described exactly what I required. The linkage was returned to them at my expense, they then sent me another linkage within a few days. On receipt, the linkage again was incorrect, yet again I returned the linkage and requested a complete refund as it was clear they never actually had the correct part. Despite emails via Ebay etc. nothing happend until I raised a Pay Pal dispute. To their credit, they then phoned me immediately and offered me a full refund including compensation to cover my postage costs.

I wouldn't deal with them again.

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