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My Bikesafe Day...

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April 27th..

Well, the weather was looking good as I woke, changeable, but dry. Then I made the mistake of looking at the rain radar at the met office - and saw the huge f***ing rain front gradually crossing the UK.. only a matter of time. By the time I left my house, it was already raining..

Got to the Sheffield Police headquarters by the defunct airport in plenty of time, and had a cup of tea, and helped to fix the laptop/display problem.. then waited as the others slowly arrived - nice bunch, one lad from poland, been here for a few years, and some other seasoned veterans..

So we had the videos, discussed tactics, overtaking, filtering, cornering etc - all useful, and waited to decide about the weather, as it was pelting it down.. We were going out anyway. I showed my insurance, licence, and met up with Kev - really good bloke - extremely experience biker, and we all left, 2 to a police biker. I started out in front, rain pelting down, and suddenly I was riding in DSA test mode, checking every possible direction, riding cautiously, not taking risks, riding exactly to speed limits.. went via the woodhead to Wortley, penistone, then Holmfirth, and stopped, and Kev basically explained that I wasn't doing my DSA test again, and to basically go for it more, ride at the next level, gave me some hints etc. I began to realise what he meant..

We set off for glossop, over the moors. Great roads, soaking wet. My waterproof clothing I realised had a flaw in the groin area, so I was getting nice and cold. Lovely.

The other rider with me was in front, but was unhappy on the wet, and was encouraged to go a bit faster..

We got to glossop, then chapel, and stopped for a chat. He explained that we needed to ride with more purpose, if we held back then he couldn't judge us or help us, as all we were doing was following the procession of pensioners in their Micras..

So I decided to take his words to heart, and increased the speed. Turned out that what was he wanted me to do - I'm happy in the wet, and so I rode much more purposefully, got out of DSA mode, and started to go smoothly round the corners, overtaking whenever I got the chance, not riding aggressively, but purposefully. We took the road to castleton from chapel, and I was having great fun on the corners, but almost had a moment at the hairpin on the B6061 just before Winnats Pass, I took it quite fast and my bike lost adhesion on the broken surface, and moved sideways, but then found adhesion again, so I carried on..

Winnats pass closed, so took the long way round via Bradwell, to Hope, for a good Sausage sandwich.

He was much happier with the progress we were making. I finally understood the way he wanted us to ride, so he could help and criticise us constructively. He reckoned that what I needed was a trackday, to better understand the limits of the adhesion, and be happier in corners.

Back on the road after, via Hathersage, Owler Bar, into Chesterfield, riding at the rear. Stopped off at a Motorbike dealer, and I was in front again. We went via Clowne, to Worksop. Great roads, the sun was finally out, and I was able to do some decent overtaking, cornering, and demonstrate control. He was much happier, although He said that he was a bit worried I'd overcooked it going into one corner, and held back for the inevitable, but I got round it with no problems, and he was impressed.

Swapped the lead again, and back via Worksop to Sheffield via the A57 and M1. Started lashing it down again, and got back to the Police HQ for a cup of tea and debrief.

He gave me some good constructive criticism, and we all chatted about the day. We were given a load of freebies, teeshirts, Roadcraft books, DVDs etc, and we left.

Got home exhausted and happy at 6pm..

Definitely recommended.

I was mostly impressed with what enthusiasts they are, and how they expect you to ride. Purposefully. Not messing about. On the boil. Get past the traffic - and keep the concentration up.

Now for a track day?.....

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I've not done one (planning to do one when time/funds allow) - but from what I've read of other people's experiences, seen on various video clips, and picked up from the Roadcraft book - if we all rode the way the Police/ROSPA/IAM want us to, car users would be up in arms! :lol:

Sounds like a great day though. :thumb:

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Good write up m8.

I'm pleased to see a positive review on this, I seem to only ever read not so positive ones.

Advanced training is certainely an area I want to pursue... But I'm picky, so I am still shopping around, so to speak.

I was pleased to see that they want you to ride as you normally would. I cannot see any benefit to a rider if they don't. In my view this reflects far more realistic road situations.

Sounds like you had a good time to boot!!

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When I get my new bike (having not ridden in 10 months) I was considering doing one of these courses, as I've heard they are good. The last thing a rode was a 125 on my test, in Aug 2008. Im picking up my 500 (first big bike) next week some time. Seeing as you have been on a course, would you recommend that I ride a for a few months first, and get back into riding again before taking on a bike safe course??

I was tempted with going back to my training school for a half day session, just check I'm doing everything right I'm confident enough, but that doesnt mean I'm going to be safe...



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