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  1. Managed to get a wee run with the Mrs Inverness to Ft Augustus was pretty quiet but the rest of the way to Ft William really busy. Came back on the East side of the loch but didn’t turn down to Foyers as it was starting to rain just took the other way through Gorthleck Farr etc https://www.relive.cc/view/vKv27eA7doO
  2. Yeah I’ve been using the route Inverness to fort Augustus since a spotty teenager way back when the roads were quiet. Think the biker you might be referring too is from not too far from here. Won’t put his name as it might be disrespectful. Nice guy. It was on the road to drumnadrochit but happened close to a Inverness Sadly there was the three kids hit a few miles further out not long ago either where the 16 yr old sadly died. It’s a great Rd for bikes but just now with a huge staycation boom and a lot of people not used to driving rural roads it’s incredibly busy and people dawdling along looking for Nessie. It’s like the NC500 too much traffic. Inverness has a bike meet night on a Tuesday and a couple of weeks ago it was to ft Augustus and the loop back round through foyers etc. Nice wee evening run and in the evening Road is much more fun and a lot quieter
  3. Hope you are wrong and the weather is nice tomorrow going to take a run down to Oban. Hopefully it won’t be too busy heading down the A82 by Loch Ness. The Ft Rd down from Inverness can be a bit crowded with tourists looking for Nessie
  4. I think someone hit the nail on the head. It’s a throwaway world and modern bikes are a bit of a commodity. Though not cheap they certainly aren’t made to last. How many old bikes are still on the go. Seems quite a few. I’ve got a 16yr Old vfr800 and it’s still going really strong. Only thing I always do is hose it down with cold water in the winter after being out. Lots of salt on the roads up here in the highlands in the winter. Read somewhere years ago about never using hot water on salt. Not sure why tbh but other than the oil cooler pipes which seem to be a rust issue it’s still in really good condition
  5. I’ve always found them pretty good tbh. I’ve had a few items delivered up here. I had problems once with a Sena intercom set and they had it sorted out for me no problem at all.
  6. That was between Inverness and Nairn this morning. -1 Just Now not much chance of getting bike out for sure
  7. Oops sorry I’ve somehow got an extra Malaguti in the post.
  8. My first three bikes were as follows 1. 1976 Malaguti Monte 50cc same as the one in the pic below 2. Suzuki Gsx 250 a year or two later I wanted an x7 but with everyone allegedly wiping themselves out I wasn’t allowed 3. Think it was in 1981 or 82 I got a Suzuki gsx400f which I regretted as my mate had an rd400 which was a much better bike. Unfortunately I had to keep paying for it on finance and couldn’t change it
  9. My Mrs with the bike at Falls of Shin early October
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