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  1. I used a boost on Miller, every one of us used the same Gold riders, should have went from MM but his consistency this season was not great so opted for Miller. Guess that just goes to show lady luck is not always in my favor; still on the podium for 3rd place.
  2. I went out riding most of yesterday so first time this year I've not watched any of the lead up to the race today, didn't even made any changes to my squad. I'll know if this was the right call or not later.
  3. I'm a sucker for wanting the league to be competitive; it just means you have to choose more wisely to win this from Rennie.
  4. Only 11 points behind, you're really close now. Closer than any of the riders that are currently chasing for the title.
  5. Well I knew 2 of my riders crashed out before the last 5 laps, thought it was going to be 3 but somehow MM managed to finish the race. When he has nothing to lose, he may as well try and finish the race at whatever position he can,
  6. Lol, that's some funny last 5 laps I just witnessed. My riders did terrible this race. Haha.
  7. Nakagami always does well on practice days and then struggles on race days. I wanted to trade him too, I went with Rins as he's bound to do well soon since his form this season has been terrible. Don't know though, seems I've traded a bad rider for another one (in terms of performance this year); hopefully I'm wrong though but I've got nothing to lose....since I am last.
  8. Haha, I guess Yamaha finally made the choice for me to get rid of Vinales for this race,
  9. I don't think I made any changes on this race. I should really have traded Vinales. (recurring theme for this year )
  10. It's defo back alright, I'm all caught up on the FP sessions; don't know if I should make any changes though. 2nd half of the season baby!!
  11. I believe you mean CLU Though I do agree that the bike doesn't look good in that colour and I love Yellow bikes too.
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