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  1. Could have been worse could have been a toenail
  2. Can you imagine the extension cables hanging from the windows
  3. I hope this mechanical seal arrives tomorrow, it's a horrible situation not being able to get out on the bike and enjoy this lovely weather. Been doing things to try and take my mind off it but it doesn't help when you can hear bikes whizzing past a few hundred yards away
  4. They will have to install some kind of ground socket or possibly a pull up bollard type to keep cables off the floor, but then what happens to households with more than one vehicle, or times when you can't park outside your own home. There is a long way to go yet to being able to adapt to all electric.
  5. After a couple of hours of using a mixture of carb cleaner and petrol and pedal power managed to get Florence running albeit somewhat sporadically, probably a build up of varnish as she hasn't been run since last year, will leave her for a bit and give the petrol chance to dissolve any build up then try again later and see if she runs any better
  6. While I am waiting on parts for Xena I think tomorrow I will get Florence moved to the front and give her a good clean and run, might need to get more petrol first not sure how much I have in the 20l jerry can, otherwise a nice cycle ride to the garage
  7. that means by the time we hit the 60's again and some free love I will have croaked it
  8. Just ran the bike for a few seconds to get the oil circulating and we are sealed no leaks
  9. dynax

    New bike!

    Nice one @Stu enjoy the new steed
  10. There is the Honda Super Cub which is partial step through was looking at getting one myself this one is the new 2022 model.
  11. Going for my second Jab on Wednesday morning
  12. That's the studs done on the oil filter cover, just waiting on the new seal to arrive and we should be all good
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