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  1. Still classed as a moped though in todays terminology
  2. Can't even do that till 17, at 16 50cc moped top speed 28 mph with at best 6-7 bhp
  3. Good morning looks like my repair worked the tyre is still round
  4. Took wheel off and stripped it one tiny pin prick of a hole in the tube, anyway cleaned the tube inside and out and the tyre and the rim, put a patch on the tube and we are good to go again, took some time to get the wheel back on though working in the dark with a torch that wouldn't stay where I wanted it, but I got it all done in around 4 hours start to finish including having my tea half way through
  5. Good morning using pedal power for the next couple of days, as if I don't ache enough already Also I'm sure it was @jedibiker who came to the club bike night last night, very nice to meet you and your missus
  6. Got a fooking puncture, went to the club bike night and must have picked up a nail somewhere near as it was going down pretty rapidly, pushed it to garage round the corner to get some air in it, pretty much went flat almost immediately, tried some tyre weld as a last resort no good, luckily one of the club members who lives local gave us a lift home in his van, new innertubes ordered should get them for Wednesday
  7. Yeah I can see the problem. Are your leathers one or two piece, if two piece it may be possible to have the trousers modified, if you are struggling to find a seamstress maybe look for an upholsterer or even someone who does car interiors to do the alterations, leather work is pretty much universal regardless which trade works with it, there will be a way somehow
  8. @Lanceautoman Hope you have a great day
  9. Sounds like you need an external pocket for the bag with a small opening somewhere for the tube to exit, be easier to empty the bag without having to get in and out of the leathers.
  10. @Joeman and @Tiggie Hope you both have great days
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