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  1. Leathers fine but if they get to wet they'll take longer to dry so maybe textiles for the winter
  2. Hi i've used a dark tint and mirrored visors for ages and never had a problem what so ever. Just mske shaw you carry your clear visor in the evenings to night to avoid being court out when it gets dark. Anyway tinted visors were made legal about 3 years ago but its up to the police but its not a problem 99% shaw.
  3. Hi all did make ok thanks to stu and dave for the ride in. Good to put some faces to the names on the forum.
  4. Hi anyone going from the leicester area
  5. It sound good for meet this would be my first with you guys just need to know time and place
  6. [attachment=0]uploadfromtaptalk1329856566932.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]uploadfromtaptalk1329856566932.jpg[/attachment]
  7. Bottesford toy run leaving the red lion pub at 11.00 for grantham leisure centre.
  8. Bottesford toy run this Sunday 27th all for a good cause and rideout too. Start at 11 at the red lion bottesford.
  9. Leicester toy run Sunday 4th December from Mallroy park leaving at 11.00. All for a good cause
  10. Ok mate i`ll be wearing a black jacket with a silver star on the back and front. I`ll be on a zx9r purple/black/silver on a m plate. So hopefully see you at matlock.
  11. Sounds like a good event. Anyone going from swablincote if give me a shout. Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
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