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  1. Yes it's me, old RT, just thought I'd poke my nose in and renew a few old acquaintances,,To all that remember me hello again hope life's been good to you, to you that don't know me, that's to your advantage, you ain't missed much, Me ? Well life rolls on, a bit faster than I would like these days, I've still got the ER although it's not been on the road for a couple of years now, I think to be honest I should sell it, but what price do you put on memories. Gave me a lot of pleasure that bike. Apart from a couple of tumours & an enlarged prostate, I've got me a dog a Lurcher called Dee, tell you what,, every old person should have a dog, none of this sitting at home vegetating, bloody thing runs the legs off me So there you go, I'm still around, and to every biker that passes me on the road,, I hate you,, Probably jealousy Cheers all Roadtorque
  2. Roadtorque


    yes it's me, a blast from the past,,, Old RT, thought I'd pop in to say hello Nice to see the old team members still have everything under control. A lot of names I still recognise and of others I don't so to you I say hello. Time rolls on, I sold the Bonnie 3 yrs ago, it needs to be out on the road rather wasting away in my garage, I still have the ER although that doesn't get a lot of use these days, sad to say it's an age thing, the old joints don't bend as well as they used to and getting on/off is a bit of a bugger, although I'm reluctant to sell it,as it's part of who I am Slipping slowly into old age is not so bad, I have no commitments, so I bought a caravan, I come and go as i please, when I please, must be the pikey in me, The one thing about being a biker is, over the years you gain a far greater understanding and road-awareness than any single test car driver can ever hope to achieve. Cheers All RT
  3. It's no longer God bless America It's a case of GOD HELP America Have got to admit Trump v Clinton is like choosing between Arsenic & Cyanide
  4. Cheers rennie, always the diplomat I'll settle for seventy somthing
  5. That was a few years ago yes! It was a great bike, but ended up making the switch to a v-twin... did miss the bike for a while (sold it to another TMBF member). I've moved on... emigrated down under nearly four years ago and haven;t looked back. Recently bought an FZ1 that I've finished stripping and upgrading, now putting it back together. Good to hear from you! Well thats a big leap of faith,, Hope life goes on being good to you, it's a big country down there, it,s a place where you go fast & get nowhere quick My young lad was down N,Z for a couple of years, had an 8 week break with him & loved the place, the way of life is was good & relaxed compared to U,K Good Luck, R,T
  6. Hi geof90 that was a few years ago, nice bike that one, what you on now ??.. As the old sticker in the rear window used to say "My Other Bike is an X Type" and it's hard work keeping hairy Ar5ed bikers off the bonnet
  7. Fear not kind friends,, old RT is still around , just a little bit older with joints that don't bend as well as they used to I sold the T100, sitting in the garage not being used is no way to treat a bike, so I gave it a new owner to give it the life it deserved. (for a nominal fee of course) Still got the ER6F fitted out with Guvi panniers for touring, but to be honest I don't get a lot of time to ride that either So Cheers all,, thanks for asking it's nice to know friends remember RT dead Chuffed really, I do poke my nose in from time to time a nosey around, maybe I should do it a bit more often . The one thing I have picked up on is most of the old gang from 2007 seem to have go A,W,O,L R,T
  8. How can you say the ER exhaust is ugly, If its the true ER pipe, you can't even see it, unless you go down on your hands & knees
  9. Roadtorque

    kymco 125 is dead

    The thing about Vacuum carb systems is, that if the diaphragm develops a air leak due to the continual flexing, then the whole system fails
  10. Cheers all & thanks for that have been down to Langley (Slough) it was the Grandaughter's Baptism so there you go five grandchildren for old RT
  11. Go while the offers there & get out of this crape country while the goings good,,,,, the other thing is if you don't go you'll always wonder ,,, What If !!!
  12. Fluent Neanderthal ,,,,,,, I'm impressed
  13. Short & to the point Well said that man
  14. Rubbish those,,,,, I can't shut my visor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, joke £50 quid to see 16 yards, Mmmm,,, not sure about that
  15. Don't forget that the rear wheel is wider than the front on most bikes, so there will be a gap at front wheel,,, do the same check both sides to check the gap is equal,,
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