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  1. I think Covid killed it off. I had never seen the place without a good crowd in, especially on jamming night. The only time it struggled was after a change of management, and they were not biker friendly so takings dropped. It changed again when a biker friendly landlord took over and reintroduced live sessions and let bikers in again. I was in there one Thursday night and a wedding party came in, complete in their e wedding gear. They were about to leave again but we pursuaded them to stay and join in. By the end of the night they said it was the best time they'd had in a long time
  2. My favourite watering hole, especially Thursday night jam session
  3. I don't quite understand why gas prices have shot up so much as to put small suppliers out of business. Same as a shortage of lorry drivers. What's happened to all those already here from the EU? Have they all just gone home. I know this is slightly off topic, but this country has loads of unemployed, probably including drivers put out of employment by cheap labour from elsewhere, so why not get them back to work
  4. A husbands worst nightmare. He comes home from work, opens the front door to find the wife standing there. well, she says, arms out wide, what do you think?
  5. Two druggies were going to mug a weebil, till they realised it would be no pushover
  6. Well, I was cycling on what at the time was the new Bedford Road, going past a pub called the Brittania Inn. There is a left hand bend and a bridge over the river nene, and they pulled me up on the bridge. They said they had followed me from the brackmills roundabout and I was over the speed limit the entire time. I did point out had no speedometer on the bike so had no idea how fast I was going, they pointed out I was keeping up with the cars around me. I was actually quite chuffed, being as it was a hand built bike with a fifteen gear set-up (built by me), and the thinnest 21 inch wheels I could find, 80psi in each and not a patch of lycra in sight (or helmet)
  7. I got stopped as a teenager on a racing bike, (lightweight, skinny tyres) by the old bill for speeding, 42 in a 40, but there was Nought they could do because pushbike don't have speedos fitted so how would I know how fast I was travelling
  8. How the heck can someone who spends most of his time outdoors at sea, end up with sunburn
  9. On this forum I think all you have to do is mention biscuits
  10. Judging by the scaffold pole and board he doesn't just sack useless staff, he makes then walk the plank
  11. Turns out Dobbs is still in business doing repairs and alterations from a unit in Long Buckby, so emailed Rachel Dobbs to see if they can help
  12. My moggy came back last night with feathers hanging from its mouth. Apparently its hunting at the local pond and caught something. It's now a duck filled fatty puss
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