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eerrrrr help?...


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Was working on the rear end of the bike, and noticed something rathers worrying. The rear end seems to be out of place / bent. :shock:

I've photographed the back end. The frame work (metal work) seems to be in perfect (or very close) aligment to the center of the wheel.

Not certian what to do.... please help. :cry:


Back end.


Right hand side.


Left hand side.

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Doesn't look too much of a worry.

Looks like it may have been dropped of blown over. Or possibly skewed out of shape by an oversize topbox. Looks like the tail frame has just skewed of kilter slightly.

Double check rear wheel alignment to be on the safe side.

Usual safety checks etc, otherwise I wouldn't be tooooo worried.

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Doesnt look that bad, it looks it could be twisted back by hand.

As Dan has said check everything else over and you could even

take a rough measurement of points on the frame but hopefully

its only the back end and not the frame thats bent.

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One other thing to check, just to be on the safe side, is the Swinging arm pivot bearings, make sure there is no play and they are tightened as per the manual

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Thanks for the rapid replys :D The frame seems perfectly inline (will double check tommorow) When these pictures were took the bike was on its center stand, on a level garage floor.

I'm hoping that it is just the plastics, as I wouldnt be too bothered by that. The bike does have some signs that it was at one point dropped or lowered onto its left side. (scratched and slightly indented engine case on left hand side.)

Many thanks, yet again. :cheers:

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