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Re-threading Head

Guest Tricky

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Yesterday i removed a very old spark plug from my CLR125 and along came the thread with it. It was tight when i removed it so i think it got cross threaded by the last owner and now its completely nackered.

Tomorrow i'm going to attempt to re-thread it myself by using an Armstrong Spark Plug Thread repair kit.

However the kits i've been looking at (theres 3 sizes) only have steel helicoils with them. Is this going to pose a problem having an aluminium head?

The spark plug i need to install is DPR8EA-9 (NGK). I'm lead to believe the diameter is 12mm but have no idea on the thread size. Does anyone know the full spec of this plug?

Any tips/tricks will help as im a complete novice

If anyone can help i'd be most grateful

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if your going to re-coil/thread it, it would be best to remove the head to stop any swarf/scrap fillings getting into the bore..

you could try a hoover to remove , or a magnet wand, but best to be 100% and remove the head.

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