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  1. looks like the heat has made it brittle would annealing help
  2. Halloooo gang, been away from the internet. Been camping and wild swimming. Been a hoot and a welcome break. just needed broken up
  3. I've tried internet camping , didn't like it
  4. You can mot it up to a month early I had to mot my car early at 3 years old and got a 13 month mot
  5. buy a spare sump pan just in case
  6. smoke matches are only £1.69 for 25 at toolstation
  7. practice scraping on the old sump you’re going to throw away you don’t need to scrape the new one
  8. I posted that 2 days ago
  9. Halfords do a set of 4 sealy JIS screwdrivers for £14 a set with a lifetime guarantee https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/screwdrivers-and-hex-keys/sealey-4pc-jis-screwdriver-set-453366.html
  10. is it safe painting a helmet I’ve heard the solvents can weaken the plastic shell
  11. Post it to me, I'll recover it for you
  12. I only need the hard disk. if it still spins I can get something off it
  13. I’ve done data recovery for 20 years I can take a look at it.
  14. have you opened the meter , some have a spare fuse inside. mine does
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