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Fitting a tail tidy to an upgraded exhaust


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Hi, I am in the middle of fitting an upgraded exhaust but during taking the rear bits off I noticed that the holes that the new tail tidy fit to is connected to the standard exhaust that I am taking off.

I did make the mistake in buying a bargain buy from eBay and the tail tidy bracket I brought has had top bit of the bracket cut off. It won't effect the fitting on a standard exhaust but because I have upgraded there is no where to mount it.

Can someone please tell me what tail tidy bracket I need to buy and if it is difficult to fit?


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Here is a pic that i took today once i got my scorpion exhaust on and as you can see there is no where for the tail tidy to be fitted too unless i get it spot welded to the exhaust.

What you cant see is how we had to bodge the bracket to hold the exhaust up lol Cant believe how much hassle there has been with this, makes me wish i just converted it to a side exhaust :lol:


My only other option is to get my mates Dad to re-create the small brackets that are on the original exhaust, weld them onto the new exhaust and then i would be able to fit the tail tidy with no problems.

Would be good to speak to someone who has got/had the same bike and what they did?????

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my mate has the same bike and has a scorpion exhaust with undertray and had no issues at all


Please could you find out for me what tail tidy he used with the exhaust and where he mounted it as I can not find anywhere to mount it

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