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  1. What's the question?
  2. I just measure the distance apart of the spindle centres on both sides. Seems to work.
  3. The damage has already been done. Strip the clutch and replace the plates.
  4. No mate. I've fitted hightensile Allen bolts to my race engines and I've got used to how tight they need to be.
  5. I do a lot of bike maintenance, mainly engine work. I only use a torque wrench on cylinder head bolts. I have been doing it for a while though.
  6. With some carbs, that's how it gets to the pilot jet.
  7. The main jet mainly controls fuelling at top end throttle openings, typically above 6000rpm, though it does affect mid range as well. Lifting the needles will richen the mixture above 3000rpm. Pilot jets control tickover and up to 3000rom as well as airscrews. They all affect each other at the overlap phase.
  8. Hello again Loz. I love Dorset. Lovely county.
  9. Could be notching on the clutch basket and backplate. Dismantle it and smooth out the notches with abrasive or a rotary wire brush.
  10. I went there in 2017. Great Motorrad and lovely area.
  11. That's a lot of wasted brake pad. If you check em regularly you can go down to 1 or 2 mm.
  12. If you fit higher lift cams, you need to check the valve to piston clearance. The cam duration also affects this as minimum clearance is not necessarily at top dead Centre. Adjustable cam sprockets allow the cam timing to be varied to increase power and maintain clearances.
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