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Anyone like to meet? Get this section warmed!

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Hi, just new to actually getting a bike, and seeing if anyone wanted to meet up...

On another forum aswell as the lack of postings in Essex area >.<..

But anyone like to teach me anything or show me around feell free to reply!

Valid any weekend this month unless it snows or rains hard :)

Cheers guys

Ps I also have L plates ^^ (actually one) other fell off going down a127

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Im just about to go into 15 days off work and only have 7 of them occupied so if anybody heads down to the A272 give me a shout


I do the 272 from the A22 through to winchester & areas around quite often. Some great traffic free riding if timed right. Maybe try to arrange meeting up with some others on here if there's interest. Where you from & when are you off until Riff?

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Sounds like a good idea, I live down in Chichester. Im off until the 2nd of may however I'm away from the 22nd until the 29th April.


Have a good week then & if weather is good arrange summut for 1 May if you like. Anyone else fancy meeting up ?

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Now stop sulking, take yer dummy out, fill the tank & find a new L plate. Someone will be along soon to play (or you could be a brave boy & come out with the big boys on 1st May !!!!!!)

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I'll be out near Hastings and Romney Marsh today. Bright n sunny down here? :mrgreen:


Nah. Need to give east Sussex & coastal Kent a miss for a while. Done 'em to death this year so need pastures new. Still love the 272 & surrounding areas though. Also need to get some bimbling done Suffolk way when the weather warms. Beautiful county & some great roads as I remember

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30th is a Monday and I will be working as I have a regular 9-5 job

On the Satruday I'm picking up the CB and then going shopping for bike gear with erindoors :lol:

What about Sunday 29th?

Following weekend we are away to Ian and Sue's in Telford :thumb:

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