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New MOT certificate.


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How to check a vehicle's MOT status and history online (for free):

As you may be aware the 'new' MOT certificates are now printed on plain A4 paper which allows it to be more susceptible to being tampered/changed. There is a simple way of checking to see if the certificate is valid and in order, and the history of the cars mileage etc. This is a very useful tool.

You will need:

The VT20 Test Certificate or VT30 refusal certificate for the vehicle you wish to check AND the vehicle registration number.

If you do not have either the VT20 (test certificate) or the VT30 (refusal certificate), you can still check the same information with the Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) or commonly known as a 'log book' and the vehicle registration number. You CANNOT do the check with only the vehicle registration number.

Click onto: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/Mot

Then click onto the section 'Check Your Vehicle's MOT Status and History Online'. The website then gives you simple instructions on how to use this site.

There are two options for you to check the vehicle details: MOT status check and MOT history check. The second one gives you more comprehensive details of the vehicle.

Type in the vrm and one of the following:VT20/VT30/V5C and press enter. The vehicle's history details should then appear.

Hopefully this may be useful of you are buying a car or bike.

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Good piece of info Nogin :D

I have to say I'm not liking the new MOT certificates - like you say they're just printed on white paper & not so easily distinguished from any other bit of white paper! :lol:

Much preferred a proper certificate that was easily identifiable.

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The reason they are now on white paper is because VOSA used to supply the paper and to cut costs they don't anymore its up to the MOT station to supply it now hence the change

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