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Children's clothing for biking...

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My son is seven and can now sit on the bike and reach the footpegs, I would like to take him out for a few gentle rides, he may or may not like it?

So I need to get him a helmet - best advice for this from anyone with similar story? How long can a kids helmet last while he continues to grow, can you get different linings for them? I'd buy helmet from a dealer new so any recommendations would be good.

But then his other gear, would you buy on ebay? is there much of it about?

what do you do?


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Helmets are supposed to be replaced after 5 years (so I've heard..) and if it doesn't fit properly then its not worth wearing imo. You can get decent helmets for about £50 so having to replace it after 2 years isn't exactly going to cost a fortune.

As for clothing, decent second hand gear will be fine. There are probably plenty of people out there who are selling purely because it doesn't fit any more.


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I have had look as well and local dealer had a offer for a while of jacket and helmet for £100. Going by my wife and her friends, clothes get traded all the time on eBay as children grown out of them.

Off road trails riding, as kids can do that, has the most purpose made kit.

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You shouldn't need a kid's size lid. My kids started riding on the back of mine when they were around 10. My daughter's 18 now and still a size small.

I think we still have a v.small leather bike jacket at home. Not sure if there's pockets for armour though but it's thick leather - traditional biker style - I'll have a look when home later.

You are welcome to it if its suitable

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I think that a head grows until the child is about 10 years old when its over 95% of the fully grown adult size. <

I have an AlpineWear textile jacket with liner which is nice but i dont know how big a 7 year old is.

If you want to put on chest, arm measurement and measurement from shoulder to below bum I can give you an idea if this would fit and you can have it for a donation to the forum :)

If you pm me the details that will make sure i get them :)


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I measured mine.

When laid flat:

Armpit to armpit = 18"

Armpit to cuff = 17"

Collar to bottom of jacket 21"

Red and black textiles with lining and armour (not brilliant armour to be fair)


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