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  1. Filled up no problem at all. The queue was one car long, which is normal for that petrol station, as it is normally the cheapest in the area.
  2. £50 is one and a half day's work where I work, and most of the people I work with do not have £50 to fill up. They survive on £10 top ups.
  3. Wife gets her new car today, the dealer having promised to put £15 worth of petrol in it, as it is showing red on the fuel gauge. First job is to do a 10 mile circuit, which takes us past 10 petrol stations, so hopefully.... Like me, she works in care. I have enough fuel for getting to work for the next couple of weeks. But if I have to share my car with the wife, we will be struggling by next week. There needs to be a panic buying law, £30 max sale and no fuel cans.
  4. The panic buying is turning a short lived localised problem into a national one that could run for weeks. I think part of the problem was all the media cries of "DON'T PANIC"! That obviously causes panic.
  5. Took it for its MOT. Failed, due to excessive brake shudder, which is due to the bobbins in the disc rusting, so the disc has no movement in them. They have been like that since last year, when it was an advisory. New discs and pads and a bill for nearly £500. Still, first time I have had to pay anything on maintaining that bike, which for a 2012 with nearly 30,000 miles is not bad. I did 2000 miles last year, which is OK.
  6. The only thing I saw was about hotel closures. We took a packed lunch.
  7. From last week, we drove over Bealach-na-Ba to Applecross. It was very busy and the cloud cover meat visibility was measurable in feet. Hats off to the bikers that day. It was scary in a car, but to do that on a bike, no thanks. I have ridden it on my bike, in January, when I saw one other vehicle on the road.
  8. This weekend we are going on holiday. The last holiday was 3 weeks ago. The holiday after this one is only just over a month later. The joy of cancellations and finally just going.
  9. I do that, but especially with thick gloves on, I find it hard to do that. I am just not great at coordination and have never been on any bike that I find easy to slow speed manoeuvre. I suspect that to others that on/off surge would not be that noticeable, but to me, as a not very good slow speed rider, it is very obvious.
  10. I know the local Kawasaki dealer well and he adjusted the throttle so it is at a minimum.
  11. My Versys 1000 is even more on/off than the 650. It makes manoeuvres entertaining to say the least.
  12. The video above shows the various ways that blogger mounts the camera. It is mounted on a pole and sometimes he shoves it down the back of his jacket, or he sits on it!
  13. I had the first version and a mate has recently bought the latest. It is a great bike.
  14. Hopefully we will have a rally next year and I plan to get a camera for the ride out. That will look amazing.
  15. That is exactly the kind of shots i was talking about. I so want a 360 camera! The effects are brilliant.
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