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Hi everyone. Wondered if you could help me out with my new helmet? I bought it recently and am having trouble with it fogging up. It came with two plastic bits which I think are the things that stop it fogging. My old helmet came with it already fitted and I never had a problem. My new one didn't have them fitted, and there are no instructions. It doesn't seem to be as easy as simply snapping it in, because the space where they fitted on my old helmet is pretty non-existance and non-flexible on my new one. I don't want to damage it! Can anyone help please? Hopefully the pictures will give you an idea.


My old helmet with the plastic bit in place


Old helmet with plastic bit removed


New helmet with 'space'


Old helmet's plastic bit


New helmet's plastic bit


Second plastic bit that came with new helmet. It's narrower but has larger plastic lumps on the fitting if that makes sense?


And just a piccy of my new lid cos it's cool :D


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Your old helmet probably looked like your new helmet when it was new, it is just that now the seals have been forced apart more by the breath shield. I am sure if you pull the seal apart there will be fixings to slot the breath shield into.

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