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Any one seen Deej??? or makes vehicle graphics.


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I wanted some stickers made for my bike, so thought i would PM Deej.

That was a while ago. Just checked his profile and he hasn't visited the forum since Feb anyone know where he is?

Or can anyone else help me?

Thanks everyone.


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What you after getting done, i can do single colour decals just not mastered multi colour ones yet :lol:


Can you do vehicle graphics Phil?

Black on clear laminate I'm.after 12" x 12" a qcode design needs printing.

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BB3, my dad bought a final cutter a while ago for the track bikes but we never really got chance to use it properly, let me know what your after and ill see if its something we can work out.

Lucky, got your PM will forward the details to my dad and see if its something we can do.

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