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S doc 100 aka magic gel - bike wash


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this stuff claims to be just what I need in a cleaning product. Its not the normal detergant you use a sponge to apply (well, you should use a sponge)

All you do is spray it on the bike when dry, all over the bike, seat leather, plastic, metal (I have even seen claims you can use it on the brakes, but thats to be tested) wait 5-30 minutes and spray off. You are meant to use a sponge to aggitate the really stuck on stuff, but I didnt bother

these are the results, bearing in mind the the rear arm hasnt been touched with a sponge for at least 3 months

before http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd519/mealexme/20121113_135108.jpg

and after not following instructions and only spraying (not agitating) then leaving for about 5 minutes before hosing off, this was the result


apparently a bottle will do about 3 washes for the whole bike, but its fairly expensive, so either use the sponge to spread the gel around, or just use it on the hard to get to parts. Eg my chromed oil filter which is hidden behind my downpipes is now silver again, rather than black. Also parts of the engine casing that can only be got at with a toothbrush, bare now as easy to clean as the rest of the bike.

I have heard of someone that claims that they sprayed their whole bike one night, put it in the garage and by the morning it was sparkling and streak free. I dont know if they meant that they didnt even hose it down or what

By the way, this doesnt work for downpipes. It will get the dirt off but wont make them silver again if the heat has discoloured them

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Good tip Alex, is the only stuff I ever use. Is brilliant stuff, like you I usually only leave it on for 5 minutes and that's enough to clear the crap off. Another tip is keep an eye out online, sometimes the odd motorbike site has the offer when you buy a bottle it comes with a free bottle too and as its not cheap its too good an offer to refuse. Ill be buying more of it once I get another bike.

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