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clutch problem


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Bit stuck here lads and cant for th elife of me work out what the problem is..

Basically i have just changed the clutch on the Bandit and it wont disengage..its constantly driving and when pulling the clutch lever it is very hard to pull...

have you any ideas lads?

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er i must own up to being a clot... it was put together properly BUT i failed to notice i had left one of the old clutch plates in so it had 9 cork plates instead of 8 :lol: :lol: :lol:

stripped it back out and after erm erm noticing my mistake i sored that out and then had no drive :roll: :roll:

however i knew what that was and adjusted the pushrod again... sorted and jobs a goodun :3some: :3some:

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By this we learn that doing it once slowly is a lot quicker than doing it three times quickly and so next time we do it quickly by doing it slowly. Do it once, do it right 8-)

colin dont confuse him even more was bad enough counting the plates will take a while to work that message out :up:.........glad its all sorted tho and well done for owning up to making the cock up :cheers:

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