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Ashley Martin Memorial Ride 12th May 2013

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Would have been along but GOG and I will be in Greece mate, along with 18 others on two boats. It was a good run last year I`m pissed off I`ll miss it.


How the other half live mate........ :wink:

Seriously though Neil.....hope you and GOG have a great time.......we'll be thinking of you when we're eating our chips on Hunny promenade..... :wink:

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Next Sunday......who's still up for this?

We'll arrange meet places and times for those that are interested..... 8-)

We'll probably meet at Hartford Marina around 9-9:30 and then head over there..... 8-)

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Nice one Darren..... 8-)

We'll aim to depart Harford Marina (PE28 2AA) around 09:30....and head over to meet Darren at the Garage opposite (can't remember the name of it) around 10:00. Then 5 mins down the road to Wheelfit where we'll meet any others..... 8-)

The ride is in support of Magpas.....which is a really great cause......and one that we all hope we don't ever need..... :wink: But good to know that these guys are there should the need ever arise..... 8-)

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Back home now....great day out....really well organised and a good turnout (well....not many TMBF'ers there)......and the weather held apart from a little bit of rain on the way back..... 8-)

Great to see Darren and Terry and share the ride up there with them......cheers guys....hope you both got back OK...... :cheers:


View down the green from the road.....organisers had special dispensation to park on the green.





Bonniebird and Roadrunner in the middle checking the bikes out

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Looks like you all had a ab day - we'll join ya next year. What happened? Everyone met up, rode out somewhere, have a cuppa then back home after? *never been to a ride out* :D

It's an organised ride from Wheelfit Motorcycles near Waterbeech on the A10 just north of Cambridge to Hunstanton seafront in aid of MAGPAS and in memory of Ashley Martin who was joint owner of Wheelfit Motorcycles who sadly lost his life in a bike accident a few years back..... :(

With so many bikes in the rideout it's inevitable that you get split into smaller groups along the way....but then we regrouped near Tesco's in Hunstanton for a mass ride-in and park on the green...... 8-)

Then we had a cuppa and some chips....had a look around the bikes....and headed back individually..... 8-)

A grand day out...... 8-)

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