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Hairy-RS 1/5 Turn Throttle GSX-R600


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The Standard GSXR throttle requires the rider to bend their wrist right down to get full throttle.

A comfortable wrist position at closed throttle, is not comfortable at full throttle, and if you want to get full throttle quickly, its a bit annoying!!

So i decided to install the Hairy-RS 1/5th turn throttle kit. This basically reduces the amount of twist needed to achieve full throttle.

For what it is, at £25 the kit is pretty expensive - Its literally just a bit of plastic!


It looks like the bit of plastic you pull off the top of a orange juice bottle!


Installation is not complicated, but its a bit fiddly..

First i started by unscrewing the two cross head screws underneath the throttle/kill switch houseing. I couldn't get screwdriver in here so a small ratchet with screwdriver head was needed, and even thats a bit tricky thanks to the cable positions.

With the screws undone, the kill switch housing splits in half allowing the two throttle cables (Push/Pull) to be removed from the throttle tube. With the handlebar end weight removed, the throttle tube slid off.

Throttle tube removed:


The Hairy-RS then simply clips onto the throttle tube, increasing the radius of the tube, which means the cables pull further for the same rotation angle.


Since the radius of the throttle tube increased, both cables needed to be lengthened. To do this i had to slacken off the cable end adjusters. These are bit tricky to access, and even with the left fairing removed, its tricky to get a spanner in there as the frame leaves little space for the spanner to move.

I found the simplest way to get it all back together was to disconnect the cables at the engine end, assemble everything (with nice slack cables) on the handlebar end, then with the cable adjusters slackened off, i could easily re-attach the cables on the engine end and tighten the adjusters.


Before i started work on this, i made a pencil mark on the twist grip to show the start and stop of the throttle. I then made another mark after the job was complete to see how much the movement was reduced by:

Photo taken after installation showing throttle close position moved.


from the pencil marks, it doesnt look like its reduced the movement much, but that fraction of a turn does feel very different, and with the throttle opening quicker, the bike sounds mode "lively" and responsive...

Not had time to test ride yet, but time will tell if this was 25quid well spent or not!!


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Also uploaded a video to YouTube showing the 1/5 throttle...

Hopefully you can see that at full throttle, the wrist is still in a comfortable position.

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