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CBR250R Mugen/Moriwaki vs Kawasaki 250R ST

Guest mataleo

<t>Honda CBR 250R Mugen vs CBR 250R Moriwaki vs Kawasaki Ninja 250R stock</t>  

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  1. 1. Honda CBR 250R Mugen vs CBR 250R Moriwaki vs Kawasaki Ninja 250R stock

    • Mugen
    • Moriwaki
    • Ninja

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Hi, I went to shops in Pattaya, Thailand, want get bike in near future, I am not in to bikes, so please advice me on specs and what would you choose.

I know its honda forum, but i got choice between cbr250 and ninja 250

CBR250 they got special edytinon Mugen and Moriwaki, I like Mugen looks, its bit more expensive then Moriwaki, both I thik are with ABS, got tune exusts on them.

Mugen on finance they ask 165,000THB

Moriwaki 150, 000THB

only difference between them is exusts and colors

is it mugen exust that much better?

also I got question, are this models be 2013 ? I forgot ask them, as I assumed they are new, but on web i see they are like 2010 models or something, can someone clarify this, they still do them ?

And then I went to Kawasaki, they got 250R green I think stock Ninja for about same price that Mugen is, around 165 000THB

What to choose please as confused.

CBR is one cilinder and less horse power right? or Mugen got more power then stock CBR ?

Can someone give some specs on Ninja and CBR mugen 250, be much appreciate

Thank you






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Hello and welcome to TMBF :lol:

I've moved your post out of bike reviews :lol:

I can't answer any of your questions because I don't know

anything about any of the models you list.

I don't think they're widely available in the UK.

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Ridden both and while the Kawasaki is a bit quicker it feels more breathless.

The CBR has a better feel, which in the long run if you become a quick rider any way will mean a typical bloke on a Kawasaki 250 won't have any real advantage.

If it was the Kawasaki 300 on the other hand then I'd say that one every time.

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Thanks for help

Kawasaki looks like no abs, i dont know its good or not

Kawasaki 2 cylinders, cbr 1

From what i see ninja is faster

Hmm cbr more comfortable,and better for city trafics

That pimpt up cbrs mugen and moriwaki looks nicer a bit

But now i am looking ninja 250 se special edytion and looks nice tho

So at first i was excited with mugen cbr and dual abs

But now i like bit more ninja for its performance..

Still need bit more research before buy...

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Anything higher than 125cc has to come with it as standard now... :roll:

It's detrimental to your riding in many ways so I'm not a fan!


In what way have you found ABS to be detrimental on a bike? I haven't got it on my bike but my car has it and apart from snow I've never found it to be an issue.

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