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Custom moulded Earplugs

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Has anyone had any made, or bought the Mould your own kits , from R&G or any other proprietary brand? I prefer to use ear plugs rather than not, i ride alot better when im not being deafened, just the disposable ones tend to be a shit or get dislodged when putting helmet on

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Your not putting them in right if you think they are shit or they are coming out

I have a set of mould your own but the foam ones are far better

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Depends on the disposables stu, I can't use the really soft foam ones I prefer those like barrel shaped you have to roll harder that expand, try some different ones but quality fitted ear plugs are better IMO.

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Never had a problem with any ear plugs I have used

There's a thread on it on here already with instructions on how to fit them a few members have found it really useful and not had a problem since they learnt how to fit them right ;-)

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Stu is spot on. They must be fitted well or waste of time! Fit correctly and they great. I'd your lid interferes with them they no where near deep enough! I some times struggle to grip mine to remove them hahaha.

I do have moulded ones too and they are even better but they are £185 or £260 with the embedded earphones. They not low quality like the RnG ones tho they are much better silicone items. Truth be told work supply them for me to use at work, but I'm allowed to use them to commute too ;)

The disposables I favour are 3M barrel shapes ones but it depends on the individual. The attenuation of each type depends on the wearers ear canal shape, we have to do db attenuation tests before we allowed to wear any sort at work, you know how yank companies are. :roll: waste of £20k to buy that machine but we can't have a new fridge for the work shop :mad:

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