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Would you repair a puncture ??


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Managed to pick up a screw in the rear tyre of my Blade on sun. I repaired it using a temp repair kit and having rang around a few motorcycle tyre places cant find one to repair it ( on saying once you have fixed a temp repair you cant repair after that :| :?: ) I have noticed the mushroom plug kits on the net but not sure if i should go that road but my head is telling me to bite the bullet and get a new tyre :crybaby:

Any advive would be great

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Depends what the temp repair kit was?

If liquid then the tyre needs to be replaced unless you wish the time and expense to get it all cleaned out to allow a 'proper' repair - Not easy :(

I would not risk continuing to ride your 'blade with a 'temp' repair tyre - If it 'blows' at speed, you may get a nasty shock! :shock:

You wouldn't consider a 'repaired' helmet - don't chance a 'repaired' tyre unless professionally done - Not worth the risk.


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if it was on a dull commuter that only ever pootled along then yes, as long as the side wall was 100%.

as it is on your fireblade then no. the forces and heat generaated in a trye being ridden hard are trememndous and there is no way of telling how the repair is holding up and if it might fail. thats the reason they are called temporary and are only limited to 50mph or so.

it is not worth the risk.

go video yourself doing a huge burnout and put it on youtube lol. then fit a new tyre.

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