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Confusion about DAS/CBT/modules etc?!?!

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Evening all!

Another noob question here... :-?

Ok, I'm 29 with a full UK driving license (if that makes a difference) and I'm wanting to do my direct access so I can ride without restrictions.

Firstly, do I need to do a CBT before my DAS or is it combined?

Secondly, for DAS I believe there is a module 1, module 2 and a theory test, am I correct?

All the prices I seem to look at online say £XXX for DAS then CBT on top of that or similar

Sigh... Confused.com :roll:

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You may need to check....but I would have thought that if you hold a full UK car license you will have already done the theory test and passed it.......but, as I say, best to check first.

Normally for the DAS they will do the CBT first and then the MOD1 (machine control test, usually conducted in an off road area)....and then the MOD2 (On road riding test).

But I did my bike test LONG before all these new rules.....so I'm not the best person to advise really.... :wink:

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you have to do the theory and hazard for the class of vehicle you are intending to take test for,in your case motorbike

i did cbt then theory and hazard test than mod 1 waiting for my mod 2

cbt and theory and hazard tests can be passed in any order you want,but you need both for the mod1 and 2

and you need to pass mod1 before you can take the mod2 test

as for cbt being combined in das,mine was'nt so best check with the school you intend taking lessons with

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I just did DAS a couple of months ago.

Book and pass your Motorcycle Theory first, car driver or not, it's a good refresher prior to CBT. That way you'll be ready to go for booking everything else as soon as you do your CBT including you DAS/MOD1/MOD2. You can do Theory or CBT in either order, but you need both before doing the MOD1/2 tests.

Basically there are four test elements.

1. THEORY (includes Hazard Perception)

2. CBT

3. MOD1 test

4. MOD2 test.

Depending on your school you use, they may/may not include a day for CBT within their DAS course. A DAS course usually includes 3 or 4 days of training on a 600cc machine including MOD 1/2 test and fees and bike hire. Some include the CBT at the beginning and are therefore 4 or 5 days instead. My MOD1/2 were on the same day, this isn't for everyone as if you fluff up the MOD 1 I think you have to wait 3 days before retaking it and consequently wouldn't be able to do MOD 2.

Costwise, Theory I think is £31. CBT tends to be around £120 including bike hire and then 3 day DAS was £500 for me. If you need the extra day on the DAS then reckon on another £100 ish.

How you do it might be predicted by time availability. I did my Theory and CBT at weekends and could have got away with 3 days off work but had the week off anyway.

Hope that helps.

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Doesn't matter which way round you do the theory/cbt. Neither is dependant on the other. Wouldn't hurt to do a bit of background reading prior to the cbt though. Cbt can be quite a lot to take in, especially if you've never ridden before. Some places offer a free hour or so to familiarise yourself with the controls. Might be worth it if you're totally new.

3 days das is fair if you pick things up quick. I was a little slower in doing mine. I was in no rush and wanted to be sure of being able to pass the modules before doing them.

Also doing the 3 day route I think puts some pressure on you and the mod 1 is really quite easy to fail. (It's also easy to pass!)

In short - you've got the right advise already, go forth and conquer. Have fun doing it!

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