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Leather trousers too big at the waist?

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I recently bought some RST leather trousers, new.

They are 32-inch waist – with regular trousers I am 32-34 usually.

The feel quite tight to put on in a good way, good length, never worn leather trousers before, but they feel good everywhere except at the back. When I sit on the bike they are not snug there, so I can pretty much fit my clenched fist between the leather and my back (I don’t do this while riding ;-) ) . When walking, they feel a bit loose, but read on various forums that this is quite normal. On the bike, the knee armour is in the right place.

Got it in my head that they are probably the right waist size, but maybe not the right fit/shape for me personally. Is this correct do you think, or do all leather trousers have a bit of a gap there?


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Hheeheh, thanks for the replies..

I didn't realise you could zip to a leather jacket, until after I bought them. Got an 10 year old Dainese jacket, these new RST trousers and a Spada textile jacket and there's no compatibility at all unfortunately.

Did think about buying some Dainese trousers to match/zip as I love that jacket, but they'd have to be old too as I think the zips changed at some point.

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