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Any advice please??


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Hi Guys, my very first post on here so take it easy!

I have picked up a Motorhispania RX50 for my son. I knew it was a non runner but don't know much at all about bikes/mechanics etc!

The bike has electric start, (no kick) and is fully complete in one piece!

The guy who had it before said it had been standing in the garden in all sorts of weather for a while. I don't know if he has stripped it down or anything, but he seems to think that the "big ends" gone (is this the crankshaft)?

The bike is fitted with a new battery and seems to turn over as if it is going to start but won't fire into life.

What would be the first thing to check and any ideas and advice would be most welcome, as i want to get this going again for my son!

I am told that they are the same bike as a Peugeot XR6 and have the AM6 engine found in aprilia RS and Derbi GPR

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first thing is check compression and also end float in crankshaft if it is the big end its not that hard a job to do as you buy the crankshaft complete with conrod attached so all you need to do is open cases split crank out and replace http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heavy-Duty-Cr ... 2410wt_966

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Thank you for the reply and also the link for the part.

I really don't know much at all about mechanics, so my questions may be asking for very basic info.

How do i check the compression? And am is the end float on the top of the crankshaft, the end that attaches to the piston?

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You will need a compression tester. a simple dial that you usually thread into the spark plug hole and read the pressure in the combustion chamber. I don't know what it should be at I'm afraid.

Also, don't know whether you have checked for fuel, I don't mean to insult your intelligence but if it's been out in the rain for a while, there could be water in the fuel system. Or the petrol can become less volatile if left long enough, and can essentially 'go off'

The 'Big end' is where the connecting rod (between the piston and crankshaft) meets the crankshaft. It will have a soft metal bearing which would likely be what has gone and is what is being referred too.

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I had a friend come and check the compression and he sadi it was good. He also checked the spark plug and said that it might be the wrong one. He threaded it in but not all the way and the bike fired into life :cheers: , he took it up and down the road and all is looking good! There are a few little jobs that he pointed out that need doing, but they are straight forward!

The problem i have now is that the front headlight and rear tail/brake light doesn't work at all. And the horn doesn't do anything either???

So we are in the process of tracing the wires/loom to see if anything is amiss>>> fuses checked out ok as did the bulbs!

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