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moto gp phillipi island test times


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Fiat yamaha stayed in sepang.

1. Edwards Yamaha Tech3 129.566 (77)

2. Stoner Ducati Marlboro 130.178 (73)

3. De Angelis Honda Gresini 130.688 (70)

4. Dovizioso JiR Team Scot 130.701 (79)

5. Toseland Yamaha Tech3 1’30.864 (81)

6. Melandri Ducati Marlboro 130.869 (99)

7. Nakano Honda Cresini 1’31.111 (91)

8. Hayden Repsol Honda 1’31.226 (107)

9. Capirossi Rizia Suzuki 1’31.274 (82)

10. Vermeulen Rizla Suzuki 1’31.317 (99)

11. Dc Puniet Honda ICR 131.436 (103)

12. Hopkins Kawasaki Racing 131.623 (88 )

13. West Kawasaki Racing 131.786 (72)

14. Guintoli Alice Team 132.484 (68 )

15. Elias Alice Team 132.573 (90)

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Lol, Edwards is at the top, and Rossi is er.. erm.. not on there. I'm sure the best riders are just blagging it and have loads left in reserve, but the not so good riders are riding their little socks off! :D

Stoner probably accidently did a half decent lap

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yep JT was only 0.3 of a second slower than Edwards on race rubber. No Pedrosa at the test cause of injury and no Rossi or Lorenzo because the team didn't want to test :?

Strange decision that. I know each test costs a lot of money but surely more testing is better and if Tech 3 can afford it and apparently still don't have a sponsor :(

looks like Melandri is improving too at last. Seems to be mirroring Stoners 2007 pre season form, nothing amazing but he'll probably be on it for the first race.

Phillip Island has always been a bad track for Suzuki so I suppose their times aren't too bad.

Still shocked but Team Alice though, thought Elias and Guintoli would do better. Roll on Day 2

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Latest times Ive stumbled across..seem to think stoners taking the pee a little :shock:

. Stoner (Ducati-Marlboro) 1.30.359 al 27° (33 giri)

2. De Angelis (Honda-Gresini) 1.31.058 al 26° (42)

3. Melandri (Ducati-Marlboro) 1.31.478 al 69° (70)

4. Toseland (Yamaha-Tech 3) 1.31.508 al 38° (44)

5. Hayden (Honda-Repsol) 1.31.563 al 49° (60)

6. De Puniet (Honda-LCR) 1.31.575 al 58° (5

7. Edwards (Yamaha-Tech 3) 1.31.835 al 30° (37)

8. Dovizioso (Honda-Scot) 1.31.876 al 48° (50)

9. Capirossi (Suzuki-Rizla) 1.31.940 al 45° (47)

10. Elias (Ducati-Alice) 1.32.246 al 44° (44)

11. Nakano (Honda-Gresini) 1.32.247 al 49° (60)

12. Guintoli (Ducati-Alice) 1.32.431 al 55° (56)

13. Vermeulen (Suzuki-Rizla) 1.32.444 al 29° (34)

14. West (Kawasaki-Monster) 1.32.546 al 49° (67)

15. Hopkins (Kawasaki-Monster) 1.42.130 al 27° (27)

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Just seen on the other place that JT finished as 3rd fastest rider on the last day, behind Stoner and Hayden. Seems like he is getting to grips with it. I realy hope he can carry it through in the racing proper.


That would be mint, any world motor racing is so much more interesting when its a Brit up front.

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i have an e/mail here saying .........1 casey stoner 1;28:777:2.....2nd Nicky haydon +o:975:3......3rd James Toseland +0:977:4 .... 4th Andrear Davizioso +1;003;5 This is the Test day three times . ..........................Come on james toseland we might have a brit up the thin end of the wedge after all . ( Think ill make a JT flag )

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