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Do you wear a back protector?

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Or rely on protection within your jacket? Or maybes not at all?

My 1pc leathers dont seem to have any back protection, especially the lower half, not sure at the top u derneath the hump but i dont think there is any.

My pootering around leather jacket has some sort of foam pad already fitted which i think can be removed.

Question is have you purchased a specific back protector and if so which one?

The more i think about it the more i feel i should have one. My mate wont get on his bike without one after believing he saved his spine when hitting a barrier back first.

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I rely on the pad in my jacket. I now have a fairly serious spinal issue from a crash back in May. I should get a proper back protector that bit of foam in a jacket is not much good.

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I've upgraded mine but still an insert in the jacket. Keep meaning to get a full back one as it snot like you can have too much protection!

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I have a Knox Forcefield L2 or something. Brilliant piece of kit not that ive ever used it to its full potential, neither do i want to. Its great i dont qear it enough tends to be when im out for a hoon. If im popping across town or to work i dont bother although i probably should.

I find its a bit uncomfortabke in my textile jacket because of the cut whrre as my leather sports jackets it grand.

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I always wear my Knox Contour without fail, even if I'm not going far. I've never trusted the sponge pads that come in the jackets, pointless. If I forget to put it on it's like forgetting to put the seatbelt on in a car, just feels weird! Even when I bought my first bike I rode around for a week with a Haynes manual in a backpack as a substitute while I waited for my Knox to arrive lol!! Probably would have done more harm than good looking back...

They come in two levels, level one and level 2. Level 2 is best. Try a few on, some are more bulky than others, some have straps that can rub under your arm pits, I like the Knox Contour because it's fairly unobtrusive, and is adjustable so I can get a good fit. I think they do two flavours, road and track where the track one is slightly longer at the bottom because of the flat-on-tank riding style. Not suitable if you sit upright on the road. Another good manufacturer is Forcefield.

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I purchased 2 of the Furgygan D30 spine protectors, Level 2 for the RST one piece that covers down to my arse and to my shoulder blades and one level 1 for my RST jacket which just covers the central spine and about 4 inches either side. I bought them because the one that came standard in my Furygan jacket really won me over as I never new it was there when riding.

The D30 stuff I find very very comfortable as its flexible until an impact and then it goes hard to absorb and dissipate the impact shock. I wont personally ride without a back protector but it was drummed in to me when riding motox and after hitting a few trees/ stones at about 30 mph it makes a massive difference with being able to walk away with some bruising and some soreness rather than carried away.

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