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  1. You can buy them from most bike main dealers. You pay main dealer prices though. Otherwise Wemoto do them.
  2. Nice bike but the dog shit brown dolly is a real show stopper.
  3. Chilli in the eyes is worse than CS incapacitant and Pava!
  4. I dunno, I found it loads easier reversing an artic than my bike trailer!
  5. Yes, it can be done if there's a reasonable depth of liner available to get it back to true. Have a ring around your local engineering workshops and see what they say.
  6. There already is! Just take a look on YouTube.
  7. Yeah, that one on the bottom is clearly a piss take.
  8. I dunno, I think it sounds like a laugh. It'd probably be one of those things that sounds easy but turns out to be a total ball ache. If it were me, I'd be looking at sourcing an 18" rim and respoking the current hub to the rim rather than messing about with brakes and axles etc. Providing you can drop the forks a bit over an inch (whatever it works out to be given your rake angle) then the impact on handling should only be slight if noticeable.
  9. Haven't you ever been a bit curious about what something does and taken it off for a peek? I have. On occasion I even manage to put them back!
  10. I have a Canon 350D which is about a billion years old. It's survived a healthy career exploring numerous abandoned tunnels, mines, buildings etc in some harsh conditions so I'd go with Canon. Some girl took the piss out of the shutter sound which was very mechanical compared to her swish Nikon which I found a little rude. She was otherwise very nice.
  11. Yeah, I find a few nippy-sweeties calms the shakes.
  12. Turd of a job isn't it. You can get ones that bolt on the top of the head which I imagine are fantastic. Well, better than the thing you (and I) have.
  13. Unbolt the bolty thing from the back of it and withdraw the springy, clicky thing. Fit the main bit back on the hole & do up the bolts. Reinsert the clicky & springy bits (in the correct order) followed by the bolt. Don't feel compelled to prod the clicky thing in as hard as you can as it'll wear out the spinny, whirry components. You may now enjoy a moment of smugness that you've reinstalled your cam chain tensioner.
  14. Tell them to find someone else to do it then! When they fail you can ask for a pay rise.
  15. I had one of those really good commutes today - lovely weather and just the right amount of traffic that all moved out of the way when they saw me filtering. One nice fellow coming the over way even gave me a little toot of his horn and a wave of his fist to let me know he'd seen me.
  16. I plastered the downstairs bog yesterday - it took the whole bloody day!
  17. Well there's no doubt she's an old boiler.
  18. Did he rinse it out before popping it in the oven?
  19. I recently put a bike through it's MOT with a cocking great rust hole in the front mud guard. Clean sheet pass.
  20. I wish I'd bought a decent keyboard instead of a piano. It takes probably a couple of hours to tune the thing up which lasts a year max before it goes out of tune. Plus a keyboard can be stored away rather than gathering dust for the majority of it's life.
  21. I dunno, I taught myself to play a bit a couple of years ago. I just got a few noddy piano books and some music I knew and figured it out. Disclaimer: I've played brass & strings for eons.
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