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  1. What is it? The pictures are a bit fuzzy. I'm guessing kymco.
  2. Or "f**k it, I'll cane it round the outside".
  3. I've never done (or even heard of) a charity event where I've been asked to stump up £150 just to enter. Good luck with it but I think I'll pass.
  4. Mr Fro


    Look mate, if you're going to shoot down all of my helpful suggestions...
  5. Mr Fro


    Put a bog in the middle and tell her you're taking a shit?
  6. Mr Fro


    Mine has clogged my garage up with her toy car. Can you imagine? A car in a garage when we all know garages are for bikes and machinery.
  7. Mr Fro


    Top tip mate - when you don't want to be disturbed, tell her you're doing some welding and you don't want to accidentally give her arc eye.
  8. Mr Fro


    Looks good Ian. Just watch 'er indoors doesn't fill it up with her junk. [/voice of bitter experience]
  9. That's what I was getting at. You could have an iffy loom or a malfunction in the ECU. If you can get your hands on an oscilloscope then you can test the ECU output. You could just replace the injector loom and see how it goes.
  10. Have you had it spraying while attached to the bike loom?
  11. Not easily - in my experience of fitting knock sensors on bikes, they tend to trigger to easily because of the engine & frame architecture. All they do is trigger the ECU to adjust the ignition timing. Anyone can achieve this (assuming you're only going to use E10 for example) by fitting a programmable ECU and adding a couple of degrees to the ignition curve.
  12. Do you want me to send you a marker pen so you can tone it down a notch?
  13. Can you take that bloody great sticker off?
  14. I used WD40 to clean my wheels once - just before taking it for a new set of tyres. The fitter was cursing because the weights wouldn't stick! I use whatever solvent or degreaser I've got to hand - white spirits, screwfix degreaser, whatever.
  15. Because ethanol has a lower energy density than petrol. I wouldn't have expected quite such a dramatic reduction in fuel economy though - are you sure you weren't giving it the extra beans?
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