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Aprilia af1 125 rebuild form a box of bits

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Well project number 3 has arrived but its going to be a slow build as how you see it is how i collected it

Its an aprilia af1 (i think lol) but as you can see its in boxes so this should be fun

Was told its all there but how many times have we heard that one eh lol. I will slowly get it built back up as time goes on, but i also have a new garage to build (i've just got planning passed) as well as a few other jobs getting it the way.

This was how i got it in the car, i wonder how many bits are missing :lol:


Here it is on the floor.




So i've been through the parts to try and see whats here or not.

The sub frames and engine support dont look to bad, just need a clean and a paint.

The plastics and seats look ok and should come up well with a clean.

Wiring looms there, dont know if its the right one but will soon find out.

Clocks need a glass putting in the speedo bit but the rest are ok, just hope they still work.

I have found 2 carbs, not sure what one if any is the right one, one has the slider in, the other has no float bowl or slider :(

A few pics of the parts i have so far.








The bike has come with plenty of spares not sure how many i will need up to now but i have a spare swing arm and a few other handy bits, I also cleaned the wheels to take a look at them as i was told they had been powder coated but looking at them im not impressed, unless they were just prepped badly, they look ok if you don't inspect them to close.

I've also started rubbing down the rear subframe ready for its respray :)








I did find a problem with the water jacket so i had a go at brazing it, im quite pleased with the outcome, it needs a little more cleaning off but i think it should do the trick, if not then i will get a new barrel, the only reason i have tried this repair is because the bore and piston are in very good shape, they look new :)




As i say, its going to be a slow build but as i do things i shall update it :cheers:


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Looks like your going to have loads of fun with that build. Im just on with building a aprilia rs125 for track use.

The 2 carbs you have one a 34mm delly and thr other a 28mm delly, the 34 is a upgrade but some early bikes did come with a 34 fitted from new, would have to look on the web for your year of bike and see what the spec was for the carb.

Have fun.


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Cheers guys, and thanks for the info, somebody else also said the 28mm was the one for mine so i will try and run it with that one and see how it goes :cheers:

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yep, definitely a crack, not sure how its been done, wonder if the last owner ran it on water not coolant and its froze in the winter and done it?

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Well the first update is about the fame :shock:

It turned out that the frame has been hacked by someone trying to remove the swingarm pivot bolt and they butchered it and had then filled it after with some type of metal filler so that put a stop to the project.

I have managed to buy a new (second hand) frame now so after christmas i shall carry on the slow re-build :)

Heres some pictures of the old butchered frame

Before i removed the filler


After i removed it


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I probably could only the hole in the fame is threaded to so would also need that re-threaded and for the price i paid for the second hand frame i did not think it was worth spending the money on it bud

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The way i see it that there can't be many of these bikes left now, most have probably been crashed or scraped by abusive teenagers ( most of us have been one haha) and the 125 motor puts out 28 bhp so its plenty fast enough for the missus to get to grips with :)

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