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Which Leather jackets have double zip and vents???

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Am I asking too much?

I recently had an off and my 15 year old Frank Thomas Defender jacket got sliced through the arm.

Additionally, when I had my off, I was wearing leather jeans that wore through, the leather tore about four inches and the double stitching started to come apart. Consequence I got a nasty friction burn that wept for a week and a month to completely heal...

Can you guys suggest a replacement Jacket?


• Dual front zip to allow extra layers beneath in winter.

• Black leather preferred.

• Full leather without fabric insert panels (they let wind and rain in).

• Vents to allow air through cos ride in Spain sometimes and England most of the year.

• Price (under £250), location, website, etc please

What replacement jeans make would YOU recommend:

• Black leather preferred.

• Full leather without fabric insert panels (they let wind and rain in).

• Price (under £250), location, website, etc please.

I cannot really afford to have different bike gear for different weather conditions.


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I don't think you're going to get what you want for the dosh you want to spend buddy. I'd be looking to ditch a couple of things off your wish list or go textile. Can't say I've ever had a leather jacket that was waterproof without having to constantly slap loads of stuff on it.

Plenty of stuff on Sportsbikeshop at the mo at pretty good prices.

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The only waterproof leathers Ive ever come across are made by Rukka.. and have the goretex 'proshell' layer bonded to the inside. comes at a mighty price though. £1,000+ for the jacket. and almost £800 for the trousers. A lot of money when you consider that even staying with that brand you can buy really excellent textiles.. with all the benefits you need for less than half that price.

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Would agree that waterproof leathers are unlikely but leathers plus a waterproof oversuit could do the job.

These guys are good

http://www.triumphfactoryoutlet.com/sec ... ns_jackets

Not too much on the site at the moment

Its good quality gear but the Triumph logo may not go with your Suzuki though :lol:

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