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Prestone coolant ?


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I wouldnt use it for top up unless you know whats already in the system

if you mix them they can turn to jelly and block waterways

forget engine ice its not worth the extra

billions of people have no trouble with normal coolant so why the need for engine ice I will never know!

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Yes a full flush and use any coolant that meets the specs

I use some from euro car parts called triple QX £17 for 5 litres of concentrate this will probably do at least 3 changes

also use de ionised water its cheap enough and stops any corrosion and lime

de ionised water is cheap £3 or so for 5 litres from halfords usually called battery top up water

if you dont know whats in the bike I would flush 2 or 3 times with water then add your 50/50 coolant mix

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oh and remember when flushing to fill the system and run it around in the engine to mix the coolant thats still left in this ensures its diluted as much as possible

dont boil it until it warms the radiator up will suffice that way you know your stat has opened

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yup clean deionised water for every flush

some people go to the extremes of flushing the last one with 50/50 coolant

once you have done this every coolant change you do from then on can just be a straight change and no flushing

you are just making sure the old stuff is out as you dont know whats been put in in the past

best to be safe than sorry

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drain the fluid through the drain bolt then replace the drain bolt

fill up with water/flush

replace rad cap run up to temp leave to cool for a bit

drain through drain bolt flush again repeating the steps above


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water alone will be fine

remember not tap water! it has too much limescale in it


I'm planning on doing a coolant change next week, and reading through the haynes manual, it just says use a hose for the water, ie normal tap water

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