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Makita DTW1002Z 1/2 inch impact wrench

Matt Strange

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I've wanted a battery power impact wrench for a while, I have a good selection of cordless makita 18v tools so I've been waiting

for an improved model to come out over the DTW450Z that had 440nm of torque, pretty high when it comes to bikes but a bit

puny for vans/trucks - the hubnut on a Ford /Transit is 450nm & a decent air wrench is about 1000nm break-off torque for cracking

tight nuts/bolts.

It took a couple of years but Makita have recently brought the DTW1002Z out and my word is it a monster! :shock:

It will tighten up to 1000nm and has a break-off torque of 1600nm, absolute overkill for what I wanted it for. But for £220 (body only)

and half the cost of a Snap-On with 2/3 the power, I'm happy to settle for what it offers :) .

I've tested it recently, A week ago I had to undo the front hub nuts to remove and replace some front brake disks on a Mk7 Transit.

It undid the wheel nuts like they were finger tight and the hub nut with a couple of "rattles". OK, it's pretty heavy but that can be a

bonus when it comes to resisting the body of the tool twisting against the direction of motion when in use. The dual LED lights are

bright and dead handy when under a vehicle with poor work area lighting. Battery life with a 5ah battery is impressive. There is

also a three mode selectable power/torque switch on the foot of the tool, where the battery slides on.

If you do any serious heavy work on vehicles, this is highly recommended. Good for undoing sprocket nuts and clutch basket/flywheel

nuts etc too.



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Body only (changed the op, thanks), 5ah batteries are around £85 iirc but drop in price regularly.

The 3ah batteries are much cheaper and still available + good, charge in 22mins, the 5ah are amazing though and charge in 45mins. Chargers are about £30.

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Ah cool, like me you already have Makita gear so can make use of the batteries! :)

Yep, the grinders and also the saws (I have a jigsaw, reciprocating and circular) are

heavy on the batteries. The jigsaw not so much as it is brushless.

I'm sure the Mac wrench is good, Milwaukee make one too that is probably an even higher spec

now. Though to me there's not much point in buying a tool that I don't have batteries for, I'd rather

use existing ones mainly for the convenience of having so many of them. I have two chargers

and six Makita batteries in total, four 5ah and the two 4ah that came with my drill/impact

driver kit.

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Got enough batteries then! ;-)

Primarily I want a cordless grinder so I can chop stuff up and in to the car at the steel merchant rather than fannying about getting 6m+ lengths delivered.

Have you run a battery flat on it yet? How long did you get out of it?

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Hard to say, I only really use the 18v grinder for chopping off the odd bolt and cutting slates/tiles/bricks etc. It will vary for each material of course,

the 5ah lasts what i would say is a reasonable amount of cutting if i charge a dead one straight away - even using only two batteries I don't tend to

kill one while the other is charging and end up having to wait around.

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