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Help - Newbie already in trouble!

Guest garthunkle

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So I took my bike out for a proper ride for the first time today. Went up the A19 from York to Thirsk and back. 50 so miles doing around 60mph.

I noticed a change in the sound of the bike when accelerating. When I got back I had a look at the downpipe which I knew was a potential problem when buying the bike. When I bought it, the downpipe had a white 'gum gum style' tape wound round it.

The pics below were taken after I got back from the ride today:



What are my options? Replacing the downpipe is ridiculously expensive. Is it possible to weld this?

Cheers in advance,


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Old trick I learned from cars...just to reduce the noise until you get it sorted.. take a baked bean tin, cut both ends off (and eat the beans) cut it down the seam, buy two jubilee clips and put round the broken pipes as best you can... will keep plod off your back ..but get it sorted...

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Well I took it down to the Suzuki centre in York (really friendly guys - Would recommend them to anyone who needs advice). A mechanic had a look at it and said that rather than being rusted through it is cracked. He wouldn't have expected that for the age of the bike and said that it might have hit something.

He said that it could be welded but you would not be able to get the downpipes on and off again. Suggested looking for someone who could weld it, whilst the pipes are still on the bike.

He said the other (and best option) would be to find some in the breakers and get them replaced, but for a short term solution to clean the mess off, bandage them and cover that with Gun Gum.

Think I will do that first, then see if they still need replacing after a couple of weeks. Oh and he said it wouldn't do any damage to the bike or fall off!

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Think I will try the baked bean thing as well!

On a side note, had a look around the suzukis whilst I was there, quite like the look of the faired bandits. Think that might be a good bike to go for after I've passed my DAS

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Afraid I have never welded in my life.

OK found replacement downpipes for £40. The garage I went to said it would be around £30 for them to replace the pipes.

Does that sound reasonable to you?

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