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Hi. New to the forum but I need an answer as it could potentially save me a couple hundred £!

So I took my CBT and Theory test 2 years ago with the hope of doing my Direct Access not long after. Couldn't scrape the money together so I didn't pursue it.

Fast forward to June '18 and I finally decide to give it a go. My CBT ran out so I re-took that. Passed my Mod 1 two weeks ago but unfortunately failed my Mod 2 on Wednesday.

Now my Theory test expires on August 11th, and I haven't got a great deal of time available between now and then to re-attempt my Mod 2. I'm booked in for another theory test on August 4th, but my instructor is under the impression that my Mod 1 will expire along with the original theory test.

Will re-taking my Theory on the 4th extend the anniversary date of my Mod 1, or is my instructor correct in what he's said?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the replies. I had feared that was the case but wanted to make double sure before I go spending more money retaking my Mod 1 after doing my theory again.

Unfortunately my job sees me going to Scotland for 2 weeks on Thursday, and then my wife takes the car for the week leading up to the 11th, so I've literally no time to go and do it. I'll suck it up and do it all again (at a cheaper rate as promised by my instructor), the riding experience should hopefully put me in a better place for my Mod 2 next time!

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Ring a couple of training places wherever you're going to be in scotland and see if theres any chance of a mod2 there?


I wish that was an option, but unfortunately it's 2 weeks of straight work!

I'll get in touch with my instructor and see if there's anything available the week I get back. I'll get the bus to him if I have to, even if he is an hour away!

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