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  1. This whole thing, as was toilet gate is driven by the media lead fuckwits, if they had reported petrol melts tanks and ruins engines, the price would plummet and stations would be empty
  2. I once many yrs ago stopped with me dad and had to cut a steel wire that had been put across a main road between lampposts, it could have decapitated someone on a motorbike.
  3. Bottle gas is an issue because folk can't get the empty bottles, shortage of new bottles or too many new sales to cope with re supply. Gas has gone up so refill has gone up.
  4. Bender


    And a gravitational well consistent with a black hole
  5. https://bikesandtravels.com/biker.aspx?ride=953 Have a look through that
  6. Hoses, fuel, carbs, battery, oil, brakes, pretty much anything that moves or degrades
  7. If its ac the lights are powered direct from the srator/charging system direct, you need to look ar reg/rec stator, if its blowing bulbs or if the original is fine your using wrong bulbs
  8. With warning lights it could be unsafe to ride, especially with brake/abs faults. I would start by making a request in writing so you have a hard copy, then a complaint in writing, follow that up with what ever royal enfield entity exists as the uk customer service, they may be able to direct you to another dealer. If still no luck trading standards.
  9. Bender


    Typical bus driver attitude
  10. Bender


    Welcome back @Stuhas no concept of nimble, he's to used to driving buses that's why now he rides one Vfr should fit most of what you want.
  11. Commiserations, I failed mod 1 twice if that helps, stick at it
  12. I'm not, no heating, no electric, living in a slum, winter of discontent may not hold much of a memory for you but this is a veritable laugh in comparison so far
  13. Not bothered about the logo but I like the colour The sprayed the streets with coke, the drinking kind, for traction with the stunts.
  14. Good on you for rolling your sleeves up and fixing it.
  15. Bender

    Hospital bills

    If compensation is paid to you I believe the NHS can recover some of the costs to fix you, if it was your fault and your not claiming then it shouldn't affect you. But I'm just a guy on the Internet and don't have a clue Good luck with the recovery, ohhh what happened?
  16. Ohh you should see what I've had , enjoy birthday
  17. @Tiggiewon't be on till next Thurs, bigger fish to fry, @Stu how's parking in the hedge going
  18. Unfortunately I can't help with your issue but I'm sure it's not an insurmountable problem, have you looked into alterations to what you have. Good to see your looking for a solution to something you clearly have a passion for.
  19. Effective if not unimaginative
  20. Happy birthday, hope you have a good one
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