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  1. I think excess deaths above what was expected for 2020 is under a 100k
  2. It's the safest truck in the world eva.
  3. I believe the semi has been pushed back until they can make enough of there own batteries. It will be interesting to see how haulage copes with recharge planning, 500m range in the UK is OK but in USA its hardly going to get you out of the state your in
  4. It was shipped half way round the world for very very little money, I was amazed it had wheels and moved
  5. I thought the bike showed promise
  6. Should be easy enough to work out from average death stats per year.
  7. That's what I said, noise generator
  8. There are a couple of vids on YT of unboxing and riding in USA, they do work but some interesting issues.
  9. Exhibit A. https://offer.alibaba.com/product/pageBuild.html?mark=google_shopping&biz=pla_wap&keyword=Electric+Motorcycle&product_id=62571780321&cid=100005484&pcate=100006091&language=en&pcy=gb&device_type=wap&src=sem_ggl&mark=shopping&cmpgn=12268612030&adgrp=118867603913&locintrst=&locphyscl=1006948&ntwrk=u&device=m&dvcmdl=&position=&pla_adtype=&pla_mrctid=268147557&pla_channel=online&pla_prdid=62571780321_testTitleSFC&pla_country=GB&pla_lang=en&pla_group=1167377917675&pla_localc
  10. Try one of the cheap ones that will be along soon from China, will the battery get me 12miles, what's that rattle, is the wheel going to fall off, what's that smell, am I on fire, will be full of character
  11. What makes you think the entire population has suddenly had the delta variant. PHE studied 30,000 cases of confirmed delta cases, of the 12 fully vaccinated fatalities they are still looking into the factors involved, time from jabs, other health conditions etc etc.
  12. Bender


    Bit of both i reckon @Paul-KentI would be more worried if it didn't come on in traffic when it's hot.
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