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  1. Commiserations, I failed mod 1 twice if that helps, stick at it
  2. I'm not, no heating, no electric, living in a slum, winter of discontent may not hold much of a memory for you but this is a veritable laugh in comparison so far
  3. Not bothered about the logo but I like the colour The sprayed the streets with coke, the drinking kind, for traction with the stunts.
  4. Good on you for rolling your sleeves up and fixing it.
  5. Bender

    Hospital bills

    If compensation is paid to you I believe the NHS can recover some of the costs to fix you, if it was your fault and your not claiming then it shouldn't affect you. But I'm just a guy on the Internet and don't have a clue Good luck with the recovery, ohhh what happened?
  6. Ohh you should see what I've had , enjoy birthday
  7. @Tiggiewon't be on till next Thurs, bigger fish to fry, @Stu how's parking in the hedge going
  8. Unfortunately I can't help with your issue but I'm sure it's not an insurmountable problem, have you looked into alterations to what you have. Good to see your looking for a solution to something you clearly have a passion for.
  9. Effective if not unimaginative
  10. Happy birthday, hope you have a good one
  11. I like nothing better than watching some numpty trying to reverse his 3ft garden trailer I've towed all my life, mostly over size stuff albeit slowly , with tourers and normal trailers I pretty much go into autopilot, its poor judgment lack of awareness, sudden reactions and bad loading that normally causes the problems, all caused by drivers that are useless.
  12. Bender

    BMW special tools

    @Studisappointed I was expecting a pic of a few motorrad riders
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