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Problem starting


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Hi all looking for assistance.

I've got a Honda varadero 125, v twin. 2006 carburetor model.

All runs fine, no obvious problems, other than the choke lever doesn't stay out fully, it'll retract about a 1/3 of the way back in, and the idle screw I'd stuck. This appears to be in a rod rusted in it's housing rather than a little brass affair direct on the body.

My issue is regarding startling the bike.

First thing in a morning after an all night stand, I pull out the choke, and start the bike, give a gentle throttle to about 4k then let it settle, which it does around 2k (3k of I fully pull out the choke and hold it)

With the bike it warm it idles around 1200 (should be 1400) with the choke in, runs fine etc.

It will also restart fine without choke while warm or nearly fully warm.

However of I leave the bike for several hours, say at work through the day. Then try and start it dies after a few moments unless I hold the throttle or hold the choke fully out. With the choke in the same position as in a morning it well die. Once warm it runs and idles fine.

OK, so ideally the choke needs fixing, and the idle screw. Are these two likely to be the cause of an almost cold start failing?

Thanks in advance.

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Couldn't resist , welcome to the forum , can you post a few pics of the carb .One thing worth checking is whether the pilot air screw is the correct number of turns out or it might just need a service ie a new plug and a clean air filter . I'm surprised you even need choke in this recent weather. If you're not sure about where the pilot air screw is let me know . Actually, come to think of it , the pilot jet system might be blocked up .

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Checking air filter every 400 will be a pain on a daily commuter. Particularly with having to take the tank off to do it.

This weekend I might get the plugs out and check first again, maybe do the oil.

It's bit that I think the dealer may have cut corners, but I don't trust dealers.

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