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  1. fastbob


    Sounds like perfectly normal behaviour to me .
  2. If you've got to think about it , it's not for you . As far as I am concerned there is absolutely no SENSIBLE argument for riding a motorcycle . I already had a passion for exploring the countryside on a bicycle when I was about eight so later on when a mate let me have a go on his dad's Step-through ( Moped ) I was hooked . The rest is history . Back in the day , you didn't do CBT . You just had a go on a mate's bike in a car park until you could change gear a bit and then you bought a leather jacket from a market stall and bought the first bike you could afford . This is actually my second
  3. None of the above . ( See below )
  4. Thank you Kevin . I'd often wondered .
  5. Oh , they are rising already but in the long term I can't see any market for old bikes as static exhibits .
  6. An utter waste of time . This is the End of Days for the motorcycle .
  7. All well and good but where do you think YouTube make their revenue ? If you don't like the Ad's , pay for the premium service .
  8. Fair enough , I've got a kit that I can post if I can find all the bits .
  9. It's very simple . Choose a well known brand such as EK , Regina or DID . The next bit is easy , the more you pay , the better the chain . For the sprockets just get JT .
  10. Did I ? Maybe I did say that but from what perspective ? Having said that , I'm not specifically recommending that anyone buy a new bike on finance . It could be a classic bike or just something you've got a hankering for .
  11. That's known as a Mechanical Seal . Have you tried Chinese Bike Parts ( Something like that ) it's probably fairly generic .
  12. Get the bike really want and ride it a lot because you've got 15 years before they turn off the Petrol .
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