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  1. An update . Started this thing up back in the Spring and I did not like what I heard . It sounded like a bag of spanners . So I put a cover over it and walked away . Until today . I've just popped the cam cover off and all looks good . But do not rely on your eyes alone , give everything a wiggle . WTF ! The inlet cam sprocket is rattling loose ! I had replaced the camshafts but it never occurred to me to check the bolts . They must have been just finger tight all along . So I'm going to torque them up and see what it sounds like after that . The moral is , take nothing for granted when buying second hand parts .
  2. Here you go . https://youtu.be/ch-BF2QXAQU
  3. There are two sides to every story and none of us were there .
  4. No , I haven't been asleep and I am well aware of the numerous posts from people who struggle with CBT but have never ridden a bicycle . In fact it's me that usually asks them whether they have done exactly that . I think the way that I pitched my latest response i.e from a position of mock incredulity , might have confused you a little .
  5. Idly trawling the net checking out prices and I come across this . Of course when the Sportster is paid off and sold next year there won't be a Dyna to be found . I actually suspect this is a scam . It's only done 9,000 miles . I just wish I'd never seen it .
  6. I was happier in the 70's than I am in this shit show .
  7. Not from Scotland but since Covid 19 I always free camp on the other side of the railway and the Clyde midway between Crawford and Abington when I'm on my way up to the Highlands on the B7076 / B7078 .
  8. Well back in my day you still went to some industrial estate or deserted road on the the back of your mate's bike and then he hopped off while you had a ride around . I let an ex girlfriend ride my GS850 all around a big carpark in Wales before she did her CBT . And she passed . Not exactly legal but no kittens were harmed .
  9. I'm confused . You're saying that people turn up for a CBT with zero motorcycle riding experience and literally expect to be taught how to ride ? Surely it would be an idea to get at least a few hours practice in first . How are you going to develop the necessary balance and coordination ?
  10. They actually used to joke about themselves by saying that there are two man-made objects visible from space , the Great Wall of China and the Frank Thomas returns mountain . The fact that satellites carry ultra high resolution cameras had clearly passed them by .
  11. We still have Bikers Paradise in Coventry . They might be able to make you a one off design .
  12. Formerly Frank Thomas . Years ago when I was in the bike shop I visited the place . I wasn't aware that they actually made anything there . I thought all the leathers came from Pakistan .
  13. I used Bank transfer when I bought the Harley . I got the seller to take me to a bank . Hand over debit card , say " Please give this bloke £4,200 " Seller hands over debit card . I get a bit of paper and that's it . Well almost ..........Then the seller says in a horrible mock foreign accent so all the bank can hear " Very good , now I release your family " Great .
  14. When you get it back , have a really close look at the side stand switch .
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