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  1. Haven't told the neighbors . They'll find out soon enough .
  2. How has it been faultless if he's had to buy a new engine ?
  3. Late to the party but I would have said the same , too much oil will turn the forks into solid rods . Glad it's sorted now .
  4. There isn't a ride-in tomorrow . Content was good but not a lot of quantity . The highlights for me were meeting a few old friends for a natter . There is a Wall of Death and I believe there are also some vintage cars on show in the cathedral ruins . If I'm honest there isn't enough going on to fill a day out but it should be born in mind that pre Covid the whole of Motorfest was concentrated into one weekend rather than spread over a month .
  5. A pleasant ride-in to the Bike Weekend at Coventry Motofest .
  6. fastbob

    Scotland 2021

    PART TWO ... Putting the angry wee man behind me , I made my way down into Applecross . This road is longer and more scenic than the Bealach Na Ba with amazing views of the Isle of Skye across the water. Cup of tea at Applecross then onwards round the coast to Sheildaig .I was planning to stay at the free campsite there but it has been totally transformed into a posh fee paying site for camper vans . No worries , it was a beautiful evening so I carried on up to Gairloch . Nothing doing at the Sands campsite , totally packed out with seemingly hundreds of camper vans . Ok , onwards again . Up to Torridon , through the glorious Glen Torridon to Kinlochewe where thankfully the petrol station is now automated . Onwards a bit more to Poolewe . Poolewe is at the corner of the vast sea loch of Loch Ewe . In the last war this is where hundreds of merchant ships and escorting naval vessels assembled before setting out as arctic convoys to Russia . Time for reflection on the bravery of the hundreds of ordinary men who set out into the unknown with extraordinary determination many of whom never returned . There are still lots of concrete gun emplacements and observation posts dotted around the coast . It was getting late now with the makings of a beautiful sunset so I headed off down the southern shore of the loch and finally found an amazing camping spot . A lovely piece of bouncy ground next to a concrete pill box that even had a hard standing for the bike . A peaceful nights sleep and in the morning I was awakened by the heat of the sun on the tent . A nice coffee made from stream water while sitting on top of the pill box and watching a little boat dropping lobster pots far down below . Off again back to Poolewe for some breakfast . Sitting in a little park that overlooks the torrent where the River Ewe meets the sea , I observed that someone with a modicum of artistic talent had drawn a cock on the back of the bus shelter . It's nice to know that I'm not the only person from Coventry to have visited this pretty village . Up the coast along stunning roads to Ullapool . Ate a massive portion of the finest fish and chips from the Seaforth restaurant . Next , I headed north out of Ullapool past the site of my catastrophic crash of nearly twenty years ago . The vegetation has all changed now so I'm never able to decide exactly where or how it happened but the place still gives me an uneasy feeling . To be continued ...
  7. There are lay-bys and there are lay-bys .
  8. I would definitely leave the forks in the bike .
  9. Last week during an inspection of my rear brake I was rather shocked to discover that the pedal went right down to the stop without resistance and there was nothing happening at the caliper . So I stripped the master cylinder and this is what I found . The seal that goes on the internal spring was completely ruptured . I fitted a HD rebuild kit , bled the system and all is now well . In fact , the lever travel is considerably reduced which leads me to believe that the seal had a pin hole in it for some time .
  10. Next weekend ..... You're buying a Harley ! Woo hoo !
  11. I met a bloke in Scotland this year who had done thousands of miles on a 125 Varadero including trips to Europe . He wasn't a learner , in fact he'd had every kind of bike . He just did it because he felt like it and he wasn't in any hurry . So just take your time , don't feel that you need to thrash the bike because you don't seem to be making progress and enjoy the adventure . Oh yeah , stay hydrated , which actually means stay off the coffee and drink water . If this is your first long trip you don't want to end up with a blinding headache .
  12. We had a gaggle of bigger Harleys tagging along Including an Ultraglide .
  13. A brilliant evening last night . I went on a mass ride out with the Sportster Sickness Black Country and Warwickshire groups . Started south of Birmingham and took a roundabout route to Evesham , stopped at Callie's Lounge bike meet then headed to Stratford via Broadway . Great people and a great experience.
  14. fastbob

    Scotland 2021

    They weren't all men .
  15. fastbob

    Scotland 2021

    Here you go . I couldn't hear what he was saying until they all went . https://youtu.be/5qD3zWRx4mA
  16. fastbob

    Scotland 2021

    It's about time I wrote up this year's trip to Scotland . In order to cut out the really shitty part I set off from Coventry and headed north into Staffordshire via Lichfield and Uttoxeter then across to the M6 near Stone . Traffic was lighter than expected so I just droned on up past Manchester and Lancaster as far as Carnforth before peeling off to find the A6 . I stuck to the A6 right up through Kendal and Shap as far as Penrith . This was a beautiful section of road through gorgeous open countryside with hardly any traffic at all . At Penrith I nipped back onto the remainder of the M6 to get beyond Carlisle then came off again at Gretna to pick up the B7076 / B7078 . For those who don't know , this road is largely made up of remnants of the old A74 and runs parallel to the M74 all the way to Glasgow . It is not unusual to ride this entire road and only see half a dozen other vehicles . Great fun and really relaxing to ride . I made camp at my secret location between Crawford and Abington where I had a very peaceful nights sleep . Up in the morning and off again . I joined the M74 at Lesmahagow , flew through Glasgow , across the Erskine Bridge and up Loch Lomond to Tarbet where there is a great picnic area and cafe with a wide view down the Loch . Onwards to Fort William over Rannoch Moor and through Glen Coe , in the dry ! I deliberately got petrol before Fort William so that I could ride straight through without stopping at this loathsome place . I took the Road to the Isles out to Mallaig , got more petrol and doubled back to the silver sands of the Morar Estuary where I enjoyed another great night of free camping next to the beach . Day three , back to Fort William because I hadn't booked the ferry , up to Loch Ness and then another brilliant ride from Invergary to the Kyle of Lochalsh then up around Lochcarron where I enjoyed a lovely cream tea at the local golf course . The weather was absolutely glorious so I carried on over the mountains to the turn off for the notorious Bealach Na Ba pass . I wasn't going to do this but the sun was shining and the clouds were high up so I went for it . The Harley took the whole thing in its stride as if it was built for it . I pulled over into the viewing area at the summit where there was a group of bikers who seemed to be in a great hurry to leave . As soon as they had all roared off I found out why . There was a drunken Scotsman bellowing vile abuse at me . At first I thought he was having a laugh but it quickly turned really nasty . " f**k off back te England ye fat c**t and tak yer faggot bike wi ye , go awn , f**k right off noo , ye have no right coming here every f**kin' year ye bast*rds ye ! " Etc etc . Well what was I going to do ? Here I was alone at 2,000 feet with a raving lunatic . Who knows what weaponry he had in his van ? I decided to leave him to his ranting and headed down into Applecross . To be continued ......
  17. After all that effort it comes down to one kick in another penalty shootout . I've never been much into Football but this is just bollox .
  18. It's a Brit bike beating an Italian bike . Come on .
  19. I might have been inclined to agree but I have been a member of the UK Sportster Sickness FB group , whose membership now tops 10,000 ,for three years now . Maybe it is a bit of an echo chamber but I believe the majority will fiercely reject any attempt by HD to market another bike and call it a Sportster . It's not the bike , it's the use of the name . Since 1957 the Sportster has been redesigned many times but it has always retained its original character . This new machine is a quantum leap in technology though and for that reason it just needs to be called something else , that's all , anything but a Sportster . In the eyes of a Sportster fanatic it looks like this .
  20. No , I'm not saying that . It will appeal to first time buyers or anyone who just wants to buy into the HD brand . But it will not appeal to anyone who appreciates the existing Sportster with all its character and shortcomings .
  21. I , and many other Sportster owners , are getting a bit tired of this nonsense . While we wish Harley Davidson every success with this new bike , it will have absolutely no appeal to the majority of existing "Real " Sportster owners who have bought their bikes for entirely different reasons . So HD can call it whatever they like but it will only appeal to those who want to buy into the brand and not the bike .
  22. Who's noticed what the picture is on the July page of the MBF Calendar ? Luckily there are perforations so I can look at my bike all year .
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