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Which bike next (advise please)


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Hi people sold my last bike last winter gsxr 750 k8

Looking for a new bike but im stuck between 2

Either bmw s1000rr 2016 or kawasaki zx10r krt 2016

Both similar with power but whats your opinion on them will be street use with possibly odd track day, but might just buy a 750 gixxer for the track but advise if anybody has had either would be great cheers in advance ben

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I'd probably go for the ZX10R out of the two, would you consider anything else or does it have to be one of them?, if you would, I'd really urge you to try an RSV4, one of the sweetest handling,nicest to ride and brutally quick 1000s out there.

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I have only actually tested my mates s1000rr and have seen the zx10r krt in the shop the aprilia

Keeps popping up but how would it compare to the s1000rr and zx10r and is there much different between the rsv4 and rsv4 rf

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If there is one within budget you want the RF, 201 BHP, lighter wheels, Ohlins Suspension.

Can’t comment on the newer S1000RR as I’ve not ridden one, but the Aprilia has a very very good chassis, it’s a sweet handling bike that is very confidence inspiring and easy to go fast on, also the engine is a V4 not an IL4 so has a very linear power delivery, I’d definitely say take one for a test ride and see how you like it :thumb: .

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